Two European Cup trophies for Janine Schmitt 

22.03.2024 - Switzerland's Janine Schmitt, who travelled to yesterday's final in Norway as the leader in the European Cup, withstood the pressure in the super-G and finished fourth 0.52 seconds behind winner Tiffany Roux (FRA), Magdalena Egger (AUT/0.46 back) and Nadia Delago (ITA/+0.49), who once again astounded with start number 40 the day after her downhill victory.

With this fourth place, the 23-year-old from Sargans triumphs twice: firstly, she wins the discipline ranking and secondly, the overall ranking. With 270 points in the super G, Schmitt, like Egger (-36) and Vicky Bernardi (ITA/-52), secures a fixed starting place in the 2024/25 super G World Cup (the convalescing junior world champion Malorie Blanc was pushed back to fourth place by a measly 2 points). Schmitt took the overall victory with 552 points, just 4 points ahead of France's Karen Clément, Emily Schöpf (-21) and Egger (-30).

The next best Swiss-Ski athletes behind Schmitt in the final race of the season were Stefanie Grob (8th/+1.31), Delia Durrer (+1.40 seconds), who finished tenth with Clément and Nadine Fest (AUT), and Nicole Good (21st/+1.82), who finished second in the Slalom European Cup.

There were two winners in the final men's super-G: the totally surprising German Jacob Schramm equalled Nicolo Molteni's time with bib number 27. Florian Loriot (FRA), Giovanni Franzoni (ITA), who was beaten by 0.07 seconds, and Manuel Traninger (AUT), who was 16th on the day and overtook the eliminated Norwegian Theodor Braekken by 6 points in the overall standings, secured the fixed World Cup places.

Livio Hiltbrand (13th ), the previous day's winner, was once again the best of the Swiss, who were clearly distanced in the season rankings on the last day of the 2023/24 European Cup.

Livio Hiltbrand's double triumph, fixed place for Lars Rösti too

21.03.2024 - Swiss day at the European Cup final in Kvitfjell: After Nadia Delago (ITA) won the women's race, junior world champion Livio Hiltbrand shone in the final downhill with his first victory at this level. The 20-year-old from Weissenburg also secured the discipline classification, 12 points ahead of the former leader Lars Rösti, who was 11th on the day, 0.73 seconds behind. The duo from the Bernese Oberland thus secured a fixed starting place in the 2024/25 Downhill World Cup ahead of Austria's Stefan Rieser (34 points behind).

The best Swiss result in the women's race was delivered by 21-year-old Delia Durrer from Beckenried, 5th 0.70 seconds behind, followed by Janine Schmitt and Stefanie Grob, both 1.21 seconds back and 15th ex-aequo. The 26-year-old Italian Delago celebrated her fourth European Cup victory, her first since 2019, 0.04 seconds ahead of Magdalena Egger (AUT) and 0.34 ahead of Sara Thaler (ITA). Nothing changed at the top of the discipline rankings. The fixed places in the 2024/25 World Cup go to 23-year-old Austrian Emily Schöpf, 19-year-old Thaler and 25-year-old Frenchwoman Karen Clément. Janine Schmitt is 6th, Malorie Blanc, who has been injured since Crans-Montana, is 12th and Delia Durrer is 14th.

On Friday (women at 10:00, men at 12:00) the European Cup season 23/24 will be concluded with the Super-G.

Marco Fischbacher on the podium, but loses fixed position

18.03.2024 - Pole position taken: Marco Fischbacher, fastest in the first run, missed a great opportunity to save his season and keep his fixed World Cup starting place in the giant slalom of the European Cup final in Hafjell. The 27-year-old from Toggenburg, who had never finished in the points in eight World Cup starts this winter, came third with a 21st place finish, 0.22 seconds behind the winner, but remained in 7th place in the discipline rankings.

The big beneficiaries of the extremely exciting final giant slalom were the two best skiers of the day: 23-year-old Frenchman Diego Orecchioni moved up from 6th to 3rd place thanks to his second European Cup victory in four days, while 21-year-old Norwegian Jesper Wahlqvist, who was beaten by 0.15 seconds, moved up from 4th to 2nd place behind the season's best Jonas Stockinger (GER) with his third podium finish. A year ago, the Swiss trio of Joshua Mettler, Livio Simonet and Fischbacher took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

The European Cup now moves to Kvitfjell, where the women and men will begin the two-day downhill training on Tuesday for the final decisions in the downhill (21 March) and super-G (22 March).

Marte Monsen wins - Ghisalberti intercepts Stefanie Grob

17.03.2024 - The second day of the European Cup final races in Hafjell didn’t end with the expected results for Switzerland. In the final slalom, with the narrowest of margins, Norway's Marte Monsen beat Italy’s Lara Della Mea (+0.02 seconds) and Ilaria Ghisalberti (+0.15), ousting Stefanie Grob (14th / 1.45 behind) from the top spot in the discipline rankings on this last occasion, just like Nicole Good in the giant slalom the previous day. In the end, the Swiss athlete, who was still 7th after the first race, finished 8 points behind Ghisalberti, who was third on the day. However, she did secure a fixed place in the 2024/25 World Cup by finishing second, ahead of Della Mea. Young Valaisan Delphine Darbellay produced another solid result, moving up from 26th to 16th place, thanks to her third fastest time in the second race. Like Grob, Janine Schmitt was also ousted from the lead. Dropping from 15th to 30th place in the 2nd race, she was overtaken by Westhoff (17th) in the overall standings. However, at the speed final in Kvitfjell next weekend, the 23-year-old from eastern Switzerland still has every chance of taking the crown.  

In the final men's slalom, a purely Scandinavian affair between three 20-year-olds, the Swiss contenders for a permanent place in the World Cup failed to improve their positions in the chasing pack. Tanguy Nef (5th), Matthias Iten (43rd in the 1st run), Reto Schmidiger and Noel von Grünigen (both eliminated in the 1st run) all finished in unglamorous 5th to 8th places in the final rankings. Nef missed out on 3rd place by just 6 points. Finland's Eduard Hallberg had a great result, climbing to third place overall behind Theodor Braekken and Fabian Ax Swartz, thanks to his second consecutive European Cup victory, ahead of Norway's Braekken and Sweden's Swartz.

Elena Stoffel finishes in style at Hafjell

16.03.2024 - Elena Stoffel from Valais won the slalom at the European Cup finals in Norway. This brought to an end a difficult slalom season, enabling her to be optimistic about the future. Nicole Good has secured a fixed World Cup place for next season.

Elena Stoffel may have lacked confidence in the World Cup all winter, but she managed to get back on track in the next most important global level by the end of the season. After finishing in a solid second place in Norefjell 48 hours previously,the 27-year-old took the top step of the podium in the European Cup finals slalom in Hafjell. In the resort that hosted the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics, she beat Norway’s Bianca Bakke Westhoff and Kristin Lysdahl by 0.43 and 0.61 respectively.

Elena Stoffel paved the way to her second success in the European Cup in the first race, which she won in style. She then guaranteed her success in the second race, despite the complicated conditions. It was her 9th podium finish at this level, in what was admittedly a very tough race.

Nicole Good misses out but gets her ticket

The other Swiss finished further behind. Selina Egloff took 9th place and Anuk Brändli 13th, equalling her best European Cup result. Aline Höpli (17th), Lorina Zelger (22nd) and Eliane Christen (26th) also scored points. Nicole Good had less success. Although at the top of the speciality rankings before this race, and third in the first race, she missed out in the second race and had to be content with 31st place. She nevertheless finishes second in the discipline, and confirms her fixed place at the start of the next World Cup season.

Amélie Klopfenstein crashed out in the first race, while overall leader Janine Schmitt failed to score any points. On Sunday, most of these skiers, starting with Elena Stoffel, will compete in the Giant slalom finals, again in Hafjell.

Only Emilia Mondinelli is faster than Elena Stoffel - Nicole Good remains at the top

14.03.2024 - The last two European Cup slaloms in Norefjell (NOR), before next Saturday's final race in Hafjell, saw Sweden's Hanna Aronsson Elfman (21) take the lead in the first race, and then in the second, the ninth of the season, it was Italy's Emilia Mondinelli (not yet 20) who was fastest.  The other podium places went to Bianca Bakke Westhoff (NOR/+0.33 seconds) and Marie Lamure (FRA/+0.34), and Switzerland’s Elena Stoffel (+0.22 in the first race) and Sweden’s Cornelia Oehlund (+0.26 in the second race). Switzerland’s Nicole Good missed out on the podium by seven hundredths in the first race, but the 26-year-old had to make do with 13th place in the second race, however she retains her top spot in the discipline rankings, and goes into the final race with a 55-point lead over Mondinelli and a 68-point reserve over Westhoff. She is now sure of a place in the 2024/25 World Cup.

Apart from Nicole Good, who did well in the final sprint of the season, and her 27-year-old team-mate from Valais Elena Stoffel, who finished eighth on the day before her first podium of the season, the Swiss-Ski athletes did not really manage to dazzle this time. Selina Egloff (19th + 12th), Lorina Zelger (22nd + 23rd) and Aline Höpli (26th + 16th) did score twice, while Anuk Brändli and Janine Mächler scored once.

Six different podiums - Grob and Schmitt in the lead

11.03.2024 – At the giant slalom double in Aal, Norway on Sunday and Monday, six different athletes from five nations finished on the podium, with two Swiss finishing in fourth place. In the eighth race of the season, 23-year-old Italian Ilaria Ghisalberti celebrated her first European Cup victory, 0.71 seconds ahead of France’s 19-year-old June Brand, and 1.41 ahead of Norway's Marte Monsen. The following day, France's Karen Clément, 25, triumphed by 0.18 seconds over Charlotte Lingg from Valais, who is racing for Liechtenstein, and was 0.29 ahead of Germany's Fabiana Dorigo, 25. Selina Egloff, 22, missed out on the podium by 0.41 seconds, and Stephanie Grob, 19, by 0.03 seconds. With the 50 points she gained, Grob (13th on the previous day) took over the lead from Nina Astner (AUT) in the discipline rankings, while Egloff (12th on Monday) climbed up to 4th place in Aal, 97 points behind her team-mate. Delphine Darbellay (14th + 17th), Lara Baumann (16th + 22nd), Vanessa Kasper (18th + 15th) and Janine Schmitt (20th + 37th), who narrowly defended her position as overall leader, also increased their points tally in Aal. With 485 points, she is one point ahead of Emily Schöpf (AUT) and seven points ahead of Clément; Nicole Good and Grob are in 5th and 6th place. The next round takes place on March 13 and 14 in Norefjell (NOR), the last two races of the season before the Final in Hafjell (NOR).

Isabella Pedrazzi on the podium

1.03.2024 - As so often this season, the programme for the women's European Cup races in Sarntal (ITA) could not be held as planned. The second super-G on 1 March fell victim to the snowfall in the Dolomites. The first race the day before was won by 27-year-old Italian Asja Zenere, 0.35 seconds ahead of 23-year-old Austrian Magdalena Egger and 0.41 ahead of 19-year-old Swiss Isabella Pedrazzi. The young athlete from Altendorf SZ thus achieved her first European Cup podium finish. Two team-mates also made it into the top 10, Stefanie Grob in sixth place (+0.48) and Janine Schmitt, who replaced the injured Malorie Blanc from Valais at the top of the discipline rankings in tenth place (+1.26). Sina Fausch (13th), Delphine Darbellay (26th) and Nora Guggisberg (27th) also scored points.

Podium and the lead for Nicole Good - Aline Höpli's best time

22.02.2024 - Six skiers and five different nationalities, all competing in the World Cup, finished on the podium at the two European Cup slaloms in Malbun. Croatia's Leona Popovic (26) won the sixth slalom of the season, 0.52 seconds ahead of Great Britains's Charlie Guest (30) and 0.79 seconds ahead of Italy's Emilia Mondinelli, who is just 19. The following day, Sweden's Hanna Aronsson Elfmann (21) won the race, 0.22 seconds ahead of Switzerland's Nicole Good (26) and 0.37 seconds ahead of her team-mate, Moa Boström Mussener (22). Nicole Good, having finished as the top Swiss competitor the previous day with her sixth place, increased her lead in the discipline rankings to 260 points, and more thanks to her podium and 374 points.

With two very warm days, piste conditions in Liechtenstein were difficult. As a result, the rankings changed dramatically after the first heat. Popovic, winner of the previous day, was in the lead after the first run but dropped to 15th place with the 27th fastest time, while Switzerland's Elena Stoffel, who made some serious mistakes, dropped all the way from 2nd to 27th place, finishing with the 41st fastest time! It was the opposite for Aline Höpli, who moved up from 26th to 7th place, thanks to her best time in the final.

Crans-Montana, for champions as well as future talent

13.02.2024 - Last weekend, Crans-Montana hosted two European Cup downhills, a week before the World Cup races. It was more than just an opportunity to prepare for the festival of skiing the following week, it was also a chance for the next generation of skiers to enjoy one of the finest pistes on the women's circuit.

Crans-Montana is one of the few resorts to organise both European and World Cup races. For Marius Robyr, president of the Organising Committee, staging continental competitions is not only a way to prepare for the world's elite in the World Cup, it is above all an opportunity to offer a quality piste to up-and-coming skiers who don't often have the opportunity to ski on courses as demanding the Mont Lachaux piste.

Jordi Pujol, the European Cup coordinator, and Ivano Nesa, coach for the Swiss women's European Cup speed team, greatly appreciate being able to benefit from racing conditions similar to those at the top level. Just like their athletes, they’re always delighted to unpack their suitcases and skis in Crans-Montana every year.

Video: SkiActu (only in French)

A Bosnian first place, Delia Durrer finishes on the podium

11.02.2024 - Elvedina Muzaferija gave Bosnia-Herzegovina its first win in the European Cup, beating American Tricia Mangan and Nidwalden’s Delia Durrer in Sunday's second downhill.

It was a great show in Crans-Montana on Sunday in both the first and second downhill races. After a win by France's Karen Clément earlier in the day, the Bosnian anthem rang out in the finish area of a piste that had been perfectly prepared despite snow overnight and during the morning.

It's no real surprise to see Elvedina Muzaferija at the top of the leaderboard. The Bosnian has often enjoyed racing in Crans-Montana, as can be seen from her one and only podium finish in the European Cup, which was also here a year ago (2nd place). Nevertheless, this major result could give her wings for the future, starting with next week's World Cup races.

Tricia Mangan confirmed that she is on fine form. After finishing 2nd in the Super-G at La Thuile earlier in the week, the American missed out on her first win by just 0.31. Delia Durrer, who started the second downhill in the number 1 bib, didn't hang around on the Mont Lachaux piste. For a long time, she thought she had secured her second win on the continental circuit, before Elvedina Muzaferija and Tricia Mangan prevented her from finishing on the top step of the podium. It was still her fifth European Cup podium, and her first this season. The 21-year-old has also been getting her bearings ready for the World Cup speed races, which start next Friday on the same Mont Lachaux piste.

The day was marred by Malorie Blanc’s unfortunate fall. The triple medallist at the recent Junior World Championships ended her race in the nets during the second downhill on the Haut-Plateau. The Valais local appears to have injured her left knee, and will have medical examinations in Zurich to determine the severity of the injury.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana / Video (only in French): SkiActu




4 deux vainqueurs


French win in first race of the day

11.02.2024 - France’s Karen Clément dominated in the first European Cup downhill in Crans-Montana, beating Czech Ester Ledecka and Austria’s Nadine Fest.

Conditions were almost idyllic on Sunday for the first European Cup downhill in Crans-Montana. Despite a few centimetres of fresh snow overnight, the Mont Lachaux piste was in perfect condition and ready to welcome athletes for the first race on Sunday morning, as well as a second downhill at 11am.

Heralded as one of the favourites and on her best ever form, Karen Clément won in style. Having just won the Super-G at La Thuile in the European Cup, the 25-year-old did it again on Sunday, leaving Ester Ledecka 0.27 behind her. The Czech double Olympic champion in 2018 (in super-G and parallel giant slalom in snowboarding) was very confident. Austria’s Nadine Fest took third place, her 33rd European Cup podium.

The Swiss finished a little further behind. Stephanie Jenal took a nice 7th place in her first race on the Valais piste this year, after Saturday's race was cancelled. Janine Schmitt (11th), Noémie Kolly (12th) and Delia Durrer (13th) also made the top 15.

In front of a devoted crowd, a tired Malorie Blanc from Ayent couldn’t find the best line, and had to make do with a respectable 21st place. Laura Huber (29th) and Elena Sanna Stucki (30th) also scored points.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana
1 Clément

2 Ledecka

3 Fest

4 Jenal

5 Blanc



"Super Sunday" in Crans-Montana!

10.02.2024 - Let’s try again! Tomorrow, two European Cup downhills are scheduled on the Mont Lachaux piste. If all goes well, the first will start at 9am, and the second at 11am. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will be better than it was on Saturday morning.

In any case, the wind should die down in Valais. A few centimetres of snow are forecast overnight, but not enough, a priori, to disrupt the races. The Organising Committee has promised to do everything possible to ensure that the downhills will go ahead.

Come and applaud and welcome these young athletes, the next generation of alpine skiers, and congratulate them at the prizegiving ceremonies which will be held after the second downhill.


today's downhill cancelled

10.02.2024 - The wind (foehn) managed to get the better of the first European Cup downhill in Crans-Montana on Saturday. 

The Foehn wind is blowing above Crans-Montana. It was impossible to start the first Women's European Cup downhill race on the Mont Lachaux piste.

Gusts of 98 km/h were recorded at the top of the piste, with 68 km/h in the finish area. The race jury and organising committee had no choice but to cancel the competition. The decision was made 45 minutes before the first athlete was due to start.

However it has only been postponed. The women skiers have a busy programme in Crans-Montana on Sunday, with two downhill races scheduled.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana / Vido: SkiActu (only in French)


Malorie Blanc is ready to dazzle in front of her family and friends

10.02.2024 - There seems to be quite an ongoing love affair each year between Malorie Blanc and the Crans-Montana races. After the European Cup, the Valais local will be making her World Cup debut on the Mont Lachaux piste. We meet up with her.

A few days ago, Malorie Blanc, who is from Ayent, returned from Portes du Soleil as the heroine of the Junior World Championships. She won no less than three medals, including gold in the Super-G. Enough to dynamically launch a career that is already very much on track.

The smiling 20-year-old skier really came into her own at Crans-Montana last year. She finished in an extraordinary 5th place in the second European Cup downhill on the Mont Lachaux piste, in a great atmosphere.

This season, "Malo" continues her string of successes. She will be one of the favorites this weekend in the European Cup, and will make her World Cup debut next Sunday in the Super-G in Crans-Montana. And it will be happening in front of her friends and family, who will no doubt all be there.

Video: SkiActu (only in French)

Noémie Kolly, a two-track season

Noémie Kolly is competing in both European Cup and World Cup speed races. She explains how she manages her schedule, and the pressures.

At the beginning of the winter season, Noémie Kolly's coaches told her that she would have to compete in the European Cup in order to regain her place in the World Cup, after hardly competing last season due to a herniated disc. The skier from Gruyères nevertheless retained her place with the elite, and was able to take part in training sessions for several downhills, with a view to competing for one of the last remaining places with the Swiss clan. 

In the end however, it was the injuries suffered by her teammates that enabled her to return to the World Cup earlier. In Cortina d'Ampezzo two weeks ago, she was called up at the last minute to compete in the Super-G, where she finished in a brilliant 16th place, a great result that matches her excellent performances in the European Cup, where she has finished 6th in two of her last three events.

The fact remains that the Fribourg skier is juggling both the continental and world circuits. This travel back and forth is not always easy to manage, as Noémie Kolly explains here,  ahead of the European Cup downhill races in Crans-Montana.

Vidéo: SkiActu (only in French)


French lead in the training

9.02.2024 - Karen Clément and Anouk Errard set the fastest times in the first and only training session for the European Cup downhill races in Crans-Montana.

The skiers were finally able to take to the slopes on Friday for their training session for the European Cup downhill races in Crans-Montana. They started from the top of the Mont Lachaux piste, finishing at the end of the Traverse. The piste itself was in excellent condition and after a cold night, was beautifully prepared for perfect racing conditions.

In this one and only time trial, it was the French who proved themselves to be the fastest. Karen Clément, winner of the Super-G at La Thuile earlier in the week, set the fastest time, 17 hundredths of a second ahead of her compatriot Anouck Errard. Austria's Anna Schilcher had the third fastest time, just ahead of Obwalden's Delia Durrer.

Malorie Blanc took 10th place without pushing it, one and a half seconds behind Karen Clément. Janine Schmitt (14th), Elena Sanna Stucki (16th) and Noémie Kolly (19th) also got off to a good start ahead of the first downhill, which is planned for 10am on Saturday.

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training confirmed

9.02.2024 - The programme is confirmed for 10.00 am (not 09.30). The 62 registered skiers are looking forward to this training run on the Mont Lachaux piste.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana1


An emotional moment for Marius Robyr

8.02.2024 - The president of the Organising Committee received a standing ovation at the European Cup team leaders’ meeting on Thursday. They were unanimous in thanking him for the 18 years he has been at the helm of the races on the Haut Plateau.

It was hard to hold back the tears on Thursday at Le Régent Congress Centre. At the launch of the European Cup weekend, Marius Robyr was praised for the 18 years he has spent at the head of the Crans-Montana Alpine Ski Races Organising Committee. In addition to World Cup events, the president of the Organising Committee and his team have also organised the much-appreciated European Cup races.

At the traditional team leaders' meeting before the forthcoming European Cup weekend, everyone was keen to pay tribute to Marius Robyr and his committee for their commitment. Jordi Pujol, the charismatic coordinator of the Women's European Cup, spoke on behalf of the FIS to congratulate the former brigadier.

He was also praised by all the coaches, starting with the Swiss representative Ivano Nesa, who thanked him "for his availability and professionalism". Marius Robyr, who will be stepping down as head of the Organising Committee at the end of this year's event, was presented with a number of gifts by those present, which was all quite emotional.

DEPREZpho sa, cransmontana


First downhill training canceLled

8.02.2024 - Due to the weather conditions, the jury has cancelled the first downhill training session.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana






Crans-Montana, 6.02.2024 - On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February, Crans-Montana is hosting two women’s European Cup downhill races. It’s an opportunity to see several top skiers such as Ester Ledecká or the young phenomenon Malorie Blanc take up their positions before the World Cup speed events.

The Mont Lachaux piste is ready for two magnificent weekends of competitions. This Saturday and Sunday, two European Cup downhill races are scheduled in Crans-Montana. These two races will give us a taste of the World Cup ahead, as several experienced athletes will be taking part. 

Starting with Ester Ledecká. The double PyeongChang Olympic champion, who triumphed in the Super-G and alpine snowboarding, intends to make the most of this first weekend to find her bearings on a Valais piste that she appreciates. One of the Czech’s three World Cup wins took place in Crans-Montana in 2022. After injury last season, she is gradually finding her best sensations again.

A strong Swiss delegation

She will have her work cut out against a strong young Swiss delegation led by Malorie Blanc. The athlete from Ayent, recent triple medallist at the Junior World Championships, is brimming with confidence after her first European Cup podiums. On home soil, her performances will be closely watched.

Noémie Kolly from Fribourg, who is back on form, will also be in the starting line-up hoping to get to the top of the table, alongside Stephanie Jenal, Delia Durrer, Janine Schmitt, Laura Huber and Isabella Pedrazzi in the Swiss camp.

An undecided race for the top 3

These two downhills are also very important in the race for the top 3 in the European Cup downhill rankings, which offers three fixed World Cup places for next season. With only three downhills remaining, Janine Schmitt (4th) and Malorie Blanc (6th) are ready for an ambush. They will have their work cut out against Austria’s Emily Schöpf, who is in the lead in the rankings, and Magdalena Egger (5th), as well as Italy's Sara Thaler (2nd). The only favourite to be missing out is Austria’s Lisa Grill (3rd), who injured herself two weeks ago.

DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana






Malorie Blanc on top form - three Swiss podium places in La Thuile

6 February –Malorie Blanc from Valais is the young Swiss speed skier of the moment: the Junior World Championships triple medalist in Chatel (1st in the Super-G and Team, 2nd in the downhill) finished on the podium in both European Cup Super-G races in La Thuile (ITA). She finished second in the first race, 0.14 seconds behind 24-year-old Teresa Runggaldier from Italy who was celebrating her first win, and just ahead of teammate Jasmina Suter. 24 hours later, she took third place, 1.11 seconds behind winner Karen Clément (FRA) and 0.14 seconds behind Tricia Mangan (USA). With 216 points and a 22-point lead, the skier from Anzère, who turned 20 a month ago, took the lead in the discipline rankings ahead of Janine Schmitt, who finished in sixth and then ninth place in La Thuile. Noemie Kolly (out and 6th) and Delia Durrer (11th and 9th) are in 6th and 7th place respectively in the top 10.

Two Swiss women on the Super-G podium!

25.01.2024 - The Swiss women in the European Cup had to wait until the third and final race at the speed meeting in Orcières-Merlette 1850 FRA before success finally arrived: After Emily Schöpf AUT had won the third and fourth runs of the season ahead of Sara Thaler ITA (Malorie Blanc 9th +7th, Janine Schmitt 11th +7th), a duo climbed onto the podium after the final super-G race. 0.30 and 0.31 seconds behind the 21-year-old Italian Vicky Bernardi from Alta Badia, who was celebrating her victory premiere, 23-year-old Janine Schmitt, the new leader in the discipline classification, and 19-year-old Malorie Blanc from Anzère took second and third place. Only 32 of the 48 starters reached the finish in regular time, including six other Swiss-Ski athletes: 6th Noemie Kolly, 9th Isabella Pedrazzi, 11th Sina Fausch, 15th Nora Guggisberg and 18th Laura Huber and Elena Sanna Stucki. - The action continues on 5/6 February in La Thuile ITA with two Super Gs to replace the cancelled races in St. Moritz and St. Anton. This will be followed by the downhill races in Crans-Montana on 10/11 February.

Dzenifera Germane impresses, Amélie Kopfenstein makes her mark

13.01.2024 - The 20-year old Latvian scored her first two European Cup victories in Zell am See. None of the Swiss managed to finish in the top 10, but Amélie Klopfenstein managed her best performance so far.

The Swiss were kept away from the podium at both of the two slaloms in Zell am See. Remember this name though: Dzenifera Germane. She has all the makings of a future great. Although she is only just starting out at the top level, the Latvian skier was on fire for two days in the European Cup. The 20-year-old managed to win both slaloms in Zell am See, after an excellent 12th-place finish in the World Cup slalom at Kranjska Gora. In Austria, Dzenifera Germane really stood out in both races. She beat Norway's Bianca Bakke Westhoff on both days, while Great Britain's Charlie Guest took third place on Friday, and France's Clarisse Brèche on Saturday.

Switzerland didn’t manage to reach the podium in either of the two slaloms in Zell am See. Janine Mächler finished in 16th place on the first day, ending up the highest placed Swiss skier when she took 12th place in the second race in Austria. This was a disappointing result for the skier from Zurich, who was third fastest after the first heat. She was the only Swiss to finish in the top 15. Nicole Good finished 17th in the same slalom on Saturday.

Amélie Klopfenstein managed a fine performance. The skier from the Bernese Jura is back on form after a serious knee injury that forced her to write off her 2022-2023 winter season.The multiple medallist at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne took 23rd place in the second slalom, her best result in the European Cup. Her highest placement previously was 35th place in the Pass Thurn (AUT) in December 2021.

Stefanie Grob maintains her momentum in Sestriere

9.01.2024 – Having already finished on the podium in Zinal, Stefanie Grob took 2nd place in the first European Cup giant in Sestriere on Monday. On Tuesday, she finished 5th.

Although still chasing her first World Cup points, Stefanie Grob continues to dazzle in the European Cup. Second in the Zinal Giant at the start of the season, the 19-year-old from Appenzell repeated her feat on Monday in Sestriere. She was beaten by just 0.14, by France's Doriane Escané, claiming her second podium at this level.

Unfortunately, she was unable to consolidate her success on Tuesday, finishing 5th in the second race in the Piedmont resort. This time, the young Swiss ski talent missed out on a podium place by almost a second and a half. In the lead, France's Doriane Escané scored a fine double win.

Malorie Blanc is at ease in the Dolomites and has her sights set on the World Cup

22.12.2023 - The Valais skier finished in 9th position twice in the European Cup downhill races at Passo San Pellegrino. These results bring her one step closer to her first World Cup start.

Malorie Blanc's sound start to the season continues. After several victories in the FIS races in Davos, and a 15th place finish in the European Cup super-G in Saint-Moritz, the skier from Anzère has been on a roll this week, finishing 9th twice in the downhill races at Passo San Pellegrino.

The Valais skier achieved her second-best performance, after her 5th place in Crans-Montana last February in the European Cup. Thanks to her fine performances, Malorie Blanc could well be selected by the Swiss coaches for the next World Cup speed races between 12 and 14 January in Zauchensee (AUT). Especially as there is one more place available in the Swiss contingent following Juliana Suter's surprise retirement earlier this week.

The second Swiss skier to stand out in Italy was Janine Schmitt. The St. Gallen native took 6th place in the second downhill, proving she is on good form following her 5th place in the Super-G in St. Moritz last week. The other Swiss women finished further behind. Having recently returned to competition skiing after a break due to a knee injury in early December, Stephanie Jenal had to make do with 15th place in the first downhill. There was a pleasant surprise from Daria Zurlinden, who took 21st place in the second competition with race number 54. Friday's Super-G has been cancelled.

The Women's European Cup continues on 8 and 9 January in Sestrières with two giant slaloms. For the speed fraction, the competition will only resume from 15 to 18 January in St. Anton/AUT, followed by Orcières-Merlette/FRA and Crans-Montana with the two downhills on 10 and 11 February.

Nicole Good No. 1 in the European Slalom Cup

16.12.2023 - Thanks to her victory in the first race in Valle Aurina/ITA and second place in the second race on Sunday, 0.26 seconds behind the one year younger Frenchwoman Doriane Escane, the 25-year-old Swiss Nicole Good has taken the lead in the European Slalom Cup. Good took her third EC victory with a 1st and 5th time, 0.42 seconds ahead of Lisa Hörhager/AUT and 0.85 ahead of Escane. In the rematch, the skier from the St.Gallen Oberland achieved the 4th and 5th time. Also in the top 10 resp. top 30 from Team Swiss-Ski in South Tyrol were Selina Egloff (9th/6th), Elena Stoffel (8th/out), Aline Höpli (16th/10th), Anuk Brändli (13th/13th), Lorina Zelger (out/16th), Eliane Christen (20th/out) and Janine Mächler (30th/25th).

St. Moritz has to cancel second Super-G

13.12.2023 - The second women's European Cup Super-G scheduled for St. Moritz has been cancelled due to the wintry conditions in the Engadin. The next stop for the speed skiers is Passo San Pellegrino/ITA with two downhill runs and a super-G next Wednesday to Friday. Before that, on Friday/Saturday 15/16, two slaloms will take place in Ahrntal/ITA.

Lisa Grill on top again  

12.12.2023 - Lisa Grill/AUT made a triumphant comeback in St. Moritz by winning the first of two Women's European Cup Super-G. It was the fourth European Cup victory for the 23-year-old skier, who has been injured for a long time, after her hat-trick in 2021 (winning the Super-G in Zinal and two downhills in Santa Caterina). Finishing in a time of 1:17.84 on the World Cup course, she edged out two experienced competitors, Valérie Grenier/CAN and Tricia Mangan/USA - by 0.24 and 0.36 seconds respectively. The Swiss trio Jasmine Suter, Janine Schmitt and Juliana Suter followed closely behind in 4th, 5th and 6th place, respectively 0.59, 0.60 and 0.83 seconds slower. Stefanie Grob (+1.28) came in tenth place. Other Swiss-Ski team members who also finished with points were 15th Malorie Blanc, 18th Sina Fausch, 24th Isabella Pedrazzi, 28th Nora Guggisberg.

Nicole Good finishes on the slalom podium 

10.12.2023 - The Women's European Cup weekend in Mayrhofen AUT saw a win from Sweden's Liv Ceder (22) and Italy's Lara Della Mea (24). Swiss-Ski managed three places in the top 10: In the second giant slalom of the season on Saturday 9 December, 19-year-old Stefanie Grob finished in fourth place, 0.80 seconds behind Ceder, Della Mea (+0.01) and Marie Lamure FRA (+0.05). In Sunday's slalom, Nicole Good, 25, claimed her fifth European Cup podium thanks to her 3rd and 6th places, 0.59 seconds behind the lead, while Aline Höpli moved up from 26th to 10th place thanks to her 3rd place in the second heat. Selina Egloff (14th + 11th), Elena Stoffel (19th + 26th), Lorina Zelger (24th + 21st), Vivianne Härri (26th) and Janine Schmitt (28th) and Elina Christen (24th) also scored points. - The scheduled races continue on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13, with two super-Gs in St. Moritz.


6.12.2023 - The second attempt was successsful, and the European Cup season is now underway. The giant slalom programmed this Wednesday in Valais was a success for Switzerland, first of all for Stefanie Grob. The 19-year-old from Appenzell took 2nd place, just 0.29 away from first place, and her first European Cup podium. Until now, the Swiss revelation from last season hadn’t finished any higher than 5th- in the super G in Zauchensee/AUT in January.

Although it was Austria's Nina Astner who took the victory, never having won before at this level, another Swiss competitor also stood out. Janine Schmitt finished 0.56 behind the winner, claiming her third European Cup podium, and her second in Zinal, after her success in the super G last year. The foundations of the skier from St. Gallen’s result were laid in the first heat, when she set the 2nd fastest time, despite racing with bib no.28.

Thanks to an excellent second run, which was her fastest, Selina Egloff took 5th place in the final, just ahead of Vanessa Kasper. Vivianne Härri, who led in the first run, finished in 13th place. Jasmina Suter, who is now heading to Saint-Moritz, finished 14th. Sarah Zoller (16th), Lorina Zelger (20th), Elena Stoffel (24th) and Janine Mächler (25th) also scored points, unlike Delphine Darbellay (40th). Annie Farquet, who was competing in her 4th European Cup race, was knocked out in the first run. - Zinal will now host the men, with a Giant on Thursday 7 and a Super-G on Friday 8.

The weather spoils the show

5.12.2023 - Zinal was unlucky on Tuesday. The first of the two giant slaloms marking the start of the women's European Cup season had to be definitively halted in the first heat, after 50 of the 77 competitors had finished their race. There had also been a long break due to fog prior to this. At the time the race was stopped, Germany's Fabiana Dorigo, in bib number 13, was in the lead, ahead of Switzerland's Vanessa Kasper and Selina Egloff, who started with numbers 1 and 4 respectively. The second Giant is programmed for Wednesday.

Start of the European Cup in Zinal 

4.12.2023 - This week, the Valais resort of Zinal will be hosting the launch of the 2023/24 European Cup season for the women (two giant slaloms on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 December) and the men (giant slalom and super-G on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December), with thirty-six races scheduled for each. After Zinal, St-Moritz (two super-Gs on December 12 and 13) and Crans-Montana (the 7th and 8th downhills of the season on Saturday February 10 and Sunday February 11) will also host women's races in Switzerland. In 2024, the men will also be stopping off in Gstaad Saanenland (5/6 February for slaloms 5+6), Stoos (29 February/1 March for super-G 4+5) and Verbier (6/7 March for downhills 7+8).  

Just like the other athletes competing in the European Cup, the Swiss-Ski teams are aiming to showcase their abilities and finish in the top 3 at the end of the season, with a view to securing permanent places in the World Cup for the 2024/25 season.


18.03.2023 - The next generation of Swiss women skiers failed to secure any permanent places for the World Cup next season. Mélanie Meillard in the giant slalom and Delia Durrer in the downhill just missed out on top three finishes in their respective disciplines in the European Cup.

The women's European Cup season came to an end on Saturday in Narvik, and the Swiss women’s team had less success than the previous winter. None of the Swiss managed to finish in the top three to secure a permanent place in the World Cup races next season in any of the continental disciplines.

However Mélanie Meillard from Valais came very close, finishing 4th in the giant slalom. In the end, she was 36 points short of 3rd place, but the skier from Hérémence can console herself with her convincing results in Norway, as she finished 3rd on two occasions, both in the giant and in the slalom.

Delia Durrer also finished frustratingly in 4th place in the downhill. She was in the top three this winter, but didn’t manage to score the 25 points she needed after finishing 6th in the downhill in Narvik. Juliana Suter and Janine Schmitt finished 9th in the downhill.

Delia Durrer also finished 6th in the super-G, but it was Janine Schmitt from St.Gallen who was the highest ranked Swiss competitor in the discipline. In the final race on Saturday, she finished 12th.

Finally, in the slalom, Nicole Good ranked 7th at the end of the season, finishing her winter with a sound 2nd place in Narvik.