People with reduced mobility

Picto mobilité réduite

The Organising Committee is doing everything possible to ensure that people with reduced mobility can be properly accommodated, and offered a certain number of facilities so that they can watch the races and be as comfortable as possible.

  1. Entry

    A platform (standing places) reserved for people with reduced mobility (+ one companion per person) has been designed in the finish stadium, specifically, in front of the Nationale building (see « Stadium Plan » below, the location is marked with an arrow).

    Prior reservation is required with the race secretary,
    Sophie Genoud
    +41 79 71211 34

                                                                                          Free access!



  2. Parking

    People with reduced mobility can park their vehicules in the Violettes car park. As access is only authorised for vehicles with a World Cup sticker, please order this from the race secretary:

    Sophie Genoud,
    +41 79 712 11 34

    at least seven (7) days in advance so that you can receive it at home, by mail. 

    If the sticker is ordered late, it must be picked up from Tuesday 13 February 2024 onwards at the race office, located at Le Régent Congress Centre (Entrance: Route de Mélèzes 28).

  3. Access to the stadium

    No vehicles are allowed near the stadium. People with reduced mobility must be able to reach the stadium on their own.

    The distance between the car park at Violettes/Public Village (Sponsor stands, spectators’ food and drink and entertainment) and the finish stadium is around 200 metres, on a  suitable, but very steep, path.  

  4. Toilets

    Adapted toilets are installed in the Sponsor Village and close to the platform reserved for people with reduced mobility (see « Stadium Plan », the locations are marked with arrows).