20.02.2022 - The Norwegian, who finished in second place on the previous day, has won her first European Cup downhill race in Crans-Montana, beating Jonna Luthman from Sweden. Delia Durrer once again finished on the podium.

The results of the European Cup races in Crans-Montana are already extremely positive. Despite the difficult conditions in preparing the Mont Lachaux piste, both downhills were a great success. And after a great win by Franziska Gritsch on Saturday, it was the astonishing Inni Holm Wembstad who won on Sunday. The 21-year-old Norwegian, in second place the previous day, has never finished on a European Cup podium before. She found a way to surpass herself in Crans-Montana, in a race with a strong field, with several World Cup skiers competing.

On Sunday, the Scandinavian skiers hit the jackpot, as Wembstad, from Asker, a suburb of Oslo, beat Sweden’s Jonna Luthman by 0.32, on a perfectly prepared course. Delia Durrer, who was already third on Saturday, did it again, finishing 0.33 behind the day’s winner. The promising 19-year-old from Nidwalden, a great hope for Swiss skiing, therefore took her second European Cup podium place. Next week, she will travel to the Junior World Championships in Panorama (CAN).

"High praise from the FIS coordinator for the Women’s European Cup"

Another Swiss skier was also particularly impressive in the Valais sun. Jasmina Suter, 4th, finished just 0.06 short of the podium in the absence of her sister Juliana, who is already sure of winning the European Cup in the discipline. Katja Grossman took 11th place, 1.13 behind the winner, finishing with the same time as the previous day's winner, Franziska Gritsch. Nathalie Gröbli (17th), Melanie Michel (19th) and Livia Rossi (21st) completed a good set of Swiss results.

The weekend in Crans-Montana was "a success" according to the organisers and Jordi Puyol, FIS coordinator for the Women's European Cup. He emphasised the quality of both the piste and the infrastructure, something that is rarely found at this level of competition. "It was an excellent test for the World Cup next weekend", said Marius Robyr, president of the organising committee. "We’re now looking forward to the races that will serve as a rematch after the Olympic Games." The World Cup downhills will take place on Saturday (10.30am) and Sunday (10am). Access to the finish area and along the course is free, except for the grandstands.

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A first podium for Delia Durrer

19.02.2022 - Delia Durrer took 3rd place in the first European Cup downhill in Crans-Montana. The victory went to Austria’s Franziska Gritsch.

Delia Durrer from Nidwalden has not been far from the European Cup podium since the beginning of the season. Now she’s done it, managing to finish on the box for the first time in her career, in the first European Cup downhill in Crans-Montana. The 19-year-old finished third on Saturday on the Mont Lachaux piste, two tenths behind the winner, Austria’s Franziska Gritsch, who is used to competing in the World Cup, although she was not selected for the Olympic Games. Norway's Inni Holm Wembstad came in second place.

"It's really great, I was originally aiming for a top 10 place," said the skier from Beckenried. "It's great to be able to compete at home, in front of our own public. I was a little afraid with the rain over the last few days, but the piste was in good condition, and it’s great that the race could take place." After a few experiences on the White Circus circuit, Delia Durrer hopes to establish herself in the World Cup next season. However, she will not be able to take part in the Olympic rematch during the two World Cup downhills scheduled for next weekend, as she will be flying to Panorama (CAN) to compete in the Junior World Championships.

In the Swiss clan, Katja Grossmann (8th), Nathalie Gröbli (11th), Jasmina Suter (14th) and Livia Rossi (18th) are all in the top 20. In her first European Cup downhill, 18 year old Malorie Blanc from Valais placed 28th.

Juliana Suter wins without skiing

Juliana Suter has been ill, and was therefore absent from Crans-Montana, but she is still guaranteed to win the European Cup downhill ranking after the first race on the Haut-Plateau. The Schwyz native is more than 200 points ahead of the Austrian runner-up Emily Schöpf, who finished in 6th place on Saturday, with only two downhills left in the competition now. Juliana Suter has secured a permanent place in the World Cup next winter.

The second European Cup downhill scheduled for this weekend in Crans-Montana should start at 9:15 am on Sunday.

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The Austrians at the forefront

The training for the downhill in Crans-Montana was a success for the Austrians on Friday. Sabrina Maier won the rehearsal, ahead of her teammates Emily Schöpf and Nadine Fest. Delia Durrer was the highest placed Swiss skier in 5th, 0.39 behind the fastest time the day. Jasmina Suter took 5th place. On the eve of her first European Cup downhill, Malorie Blanc from Valais finished in an encouraging 22nd place.

Unfortunately, the overall European Cup leader Juliana Suter from Schwyz will not be skiing this weekend due to illness. However, it is possible that she will be present next week for the World Cup races.

There are two downhills on the programme this weekend, the first of which is scheduled for Saturday at 10am. Admission to the finish area below the Mont Lachaux piste is free for everyone.

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Sabrina Meier

Delia Durrer

Malorie Blanc



1st downhill training is cancelled

17.02.2022 - It has been raining since yesterday! In these conditions, the jury has decided to cancel the first training session scheduled for this morning in order to preserve the optimally prepared track. The programme for Friday will be communicated later.

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2022-02-17 Piste

Marius Robyr: “There would be hardly any races without the army”

16.02.2022 - For the Women’s World Cup Classic to come to Crans-Montana, it is necessary for all the authorities and people involved to work hand in hand, and the Swiss Army plays a very important role in this process, as it is very much involved in setting up the World Cup and European Cup races in Crans-Montana.

For this year's European and World Cup events, the organisers, led by Marius Robyr, can rely on expert help from Artillery Group 49, an artillery battery from the Canton of Ticino, under LT Col Paolo Colombo. It is the bttr log art 49, under the command of Major Gandhi Sylla. As part of their annual rehearsal course, the 220 or so soldiers involved are responsible for setting up the infrastructure, preparing and maintaining the pistes.

As a brigadier and long-time commander of the Patrouille des Glaciers, OC President Marius Robyr is well aware of the importance of the Swiss Army in organising the Women's World Cup races. On the troops’ first day, Marius Robyr stressed: "Without the dedicated commitment and support of the army, we would never have seen a new World Cup era here in Crans-Montana", adding that "this cooperation has been working perfectly for years now".

Major Gandhi Sylla, who has seen his troop reinforced for the occasion by soldiers from the Ecole Sanitaire 42, meteorologists from the Armed Forces EI Brigade and traffic control specialists, says he is "very proud and happy to be able to collaborate on such an event". A feeling shared by his men. "If, in the end, the races can take place thanks to our help, then this is the greatest reward for us."

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The European Cup, a rehearsal for the World Cup in Crans-Montana

14.02.2002 - After the FIS snow control for the Women's World Cup in Crans-Montana, everything goes according to plan for the first Olympic rematch, with two downhills scheduled for 26 and 27 February. However, the demanding Mont Lachaux piste will already be bustling with activity this week. The European Cup is here! On the programme: Thursday 24th and Friday 25th, two training sessions, Saturday and Sunday at 10.00am, downhills 7 and 8 (preceded by two speed events in Val di Fassa, Orcières-Merlette and St. Anton) of the 9 planned for this season.

These events, which are a kind of rehearsal before the World Cup, will be the stage for a "pre-decision" in the discipline, since afterwards there is only the final, which takes place four weeks later in Soldeu/Andorra (14 - 20 March). It is good to see Switzerland’s Juliana Suter clearly in the lead in the general rankings, with 505 points. She is ahead of a strong Austrian trio of Emily Schöpf (261/winner of the first downhill in Fassa), Christina Ager (247) and Lena Wechner (235). All of them have a chance to secure one of three fixed places in the World Cup. Delia Durrer (6th with 214 points), who has not yet managed a podium place but has already finished in the top ten five times, could also qualify. 

In the six downhills so far, there have been four different winners; in total, twelve athletes have finished on the podium at least once. Juliana Suter has performed exceptionally well, with three wins this season and two podium places. Emily Schöpf (AUT), Esther Paslier (FRA) and Elena Dolmen (ITA) have also won an event. Besides Suter, only Paslier and Alice Robinson (NZL) have finished on the box more than once. Both Livia Rossi and Janine Schmitt have had the pleasure of accompanying their teammate, Juliana, on the podium, each on one occasion – how about repeating this great experience in Crans-Montana?

2022-02-14 Juliana Suter



two women’s races in 2022

18.06.2021 - The European Cup will make six stops in Switzerland in the next Olympic season. The calendar for this threshold to the World Cup, where the young alpine skiing talents cut their teeth, includes three Swiss stages for the women and the same for the men.   

Zinal (8/9 December – 2 super-G), Meiringen-Hasliberg (19/20 January – 2 slaloms) and Crans-Montana (Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February – 2 downhills) will host the women’s competitions. Zinal (30 November/1st December – 2 giants), St. Moritz (4/5 December – 2 super-G) and Wengen (7/8 January- 2 super-G) will host the men’s races.

The two women’s speed races in Crans-Montana, like those in Saint-Moritz and Wengen, will be part of the preparation for the World Cup classics taking place the week after the European Cup competitions. In January, Jasmine Flury from Davos won the downhill on the Haut-Plateau ahead of Lisa Grill (AUT) and Noémie Kolly from Gruyère. Due to heavy snowfall, this was the only race that could be held.  

A reminder, last winter a total of 13 European Cup races were organised in Switzerland. At the end of the season, seven Swiss-Ski athletes finished on the podium in the various disciplines: Jasmina Suter (age 25/1st super-G), Stephanie Jenal (23/2nd super-G), Simone Wild (27/2ndgiant), Stefan Rogentin (26/1st super-G), Ralph Weber (27/2nd super-G), Semyel Bissig (23/2nd giant) and Marc Rochat (28/3rd slalom) thus securing fixed starting places for the 2021/22 World Cup.