Changes in spectator areas

For security reasons, the spectator area located inbetween the "Trou du renard" and the "Mur du Montanin" is no longer accessible.
Three other excellent viewpoints along the slope : the "Mont-Lachaux" zone, the "Traverse de Clavan" and the final "Schuss" (Tunnels area).

 Cm 2014 Plan Piste

For spectators (pedestrians) who would like to go the intersection of the "piste Nationale – Piste du Mont-Lachaux" by the "Violette Express" ski gondola (intermediate station "Marolires") the ride going up is free until 9:30am.  On the other hand, pedestrians need to go back down by foot by taking either the prepared path, not by taking the skilift, or by the "route de Vermala" to directly get to the centre of Montana.

The Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming you to take part in viewing an undoubtedly exciting competition.