12 Mar


From 1977, the date of the first World Cup races on the Valais Haut-Plateau, until 1998, the resort of Crans-Montana occupied an important place on the International Ski Federation (FIS) calendar. The highlight during this period was the organisation of the unforgettable World Ski Championships in 1987. Thereafter, between 1999 and 2007, for various reasons Crans-Montana unfortunately had to resign itself to withdrawing from the circuit.

A NEW ERA FOR THE WORLD CUP RACES BEGAN IN 2008 on the Valais Haut Plateau, with Marius Robyr in charge of the Organisation Committee.  The brigadier and ex-commanding officer of the “Patrouille des Glaciers" managed to convince the political and tourist authorities how vitally important the World Cup races were for a prominent ski destination such as Crans-Montana. Since its return to the White Circus in 2008, Crans-Montana has hosted no less than 18 FIS World Cup races, 18 European Cup races and 5 FIS races, not forgetting the 2009 European Cup finals and the Junior World Championships in 2011.

THIS CONVINCING RECORD HAS PAID OFF. The International Ski Federation (FIS)  guaranteed that from 2016 onwards, Crans-Montana would have a permanent place on the World Cup calendar. As for the Swiss-Ski delegates, they have appointed the Valais resort official Swiss candidate for the organisation of the World Championships in 2025, (or 2027, or perhaps 2029). And that’s not all: if in September 2019 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) selects Switzerland to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, appointing the Valais candidate"Sion 2026", Crans-Montana will be the setting for all the men’s and ladies’ Alpine ski races.

The total transformation of a somewhat outdated finish stadium dating from the 1987 World Championships into
A MULTIFUNCTIONAL ARENA, where major events could be held in summer as well as winter, is one of the key points. Plans have already been drawn up, reflecting all the FIS demands.  There are two versions : the absolute ideal (costing approximately 40 million Swiss francs) and the reduced version (around 25 million). If « Sion 2026 » is victorious, the first of these two versions could see the light of day. 40% of the cost would come from the Confederation (via the CISIN, an organisation dealing with the design of sports facilities of national importance) and 20% from the Canton, with the remainder coming from the Organisation Committee of the Olympic Winter Games „Sion 2026“ and  the three communes on the Valais Haut-Plateau.

THE CONCEPT OF THIS NEW ARENA has been designed in different modules. Part of the construction will be permanent, whilst other parts can be erected on a temporary basis, depending on the event. Grandstands are planned for 5,000 people, and it is also possible to adapt these (World championships!). Depending on the final decision, there will be one or two floors of underground car parking. In the absolute ideal version, lorries from the host national broadcasters would also have access. As the finish stadium is one of the smallest areas in the World Cup, the main building, including the grandstands, would be built at the foot of the mountain, parallel to the forest. The semi-circular project, including various important parts of the infrastructure (such as the media centre, rooms for the athlets, volunteers and the Organisation Committee) and car parks, would be underground, making the finish area a central focus, guaranteeing a great atmosphere.

ANOTHER KEY POINT would be the construction of a new 600m chairlift, linking the finish area to the departure point of the slalom. A survey will be done soon to look at lighting the slalom piste.  This would make it possible to hold slaloms or parallel slaloms at night, making this new arena an even more attractive prospect. To summarize: by building this multifuntional stadium, Crans-Montana would be following recommendations by looking at lasting durability. When presented to various interested parties, the plans have captured their full attention, as can be seen below.

THE COMMITTEE FOR THE « CRANS-MONTANA/VALAIS 2025 »  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS wants to achieve this goal alongside Swiss-Ski. The Committee is made up of: President of the Strategic Committee: Nicolas Féraud (President of the commune of Crans-Montana), Vice-President: Dr. Urs Lehmann (Swiss-Ski President) ; Executive Director: Marius Robyr (President of the Organisation Committee of the Crans-Montana World Cup races) ; executive Vice-Director: Hugo Steinegger (Vice-President of the Crans-Montana World Cup races); Sport managers: Markus Murmann (Crans-Montana Race Director) and Patrice Morisod (Chief of Course for the World Cup races).

As was the case for St-Moritz before and during the World Ski Championships in 2017, Crans-Montana/Valais and its 2025 candidature will be main partner of Swiss-Ski
AND SPECIFICALLY THE« HOUSE OF SWITZERLAND » during the 2019 World Championships in Åre/SWE. This meeting venue which is so popular with the athletes (medal winners’ celebrations…), sponsors, guests, media and fans, will be expertly managed for the 11th time in a row by Annalisa Gerber, the dynamic head of Swiss-Ski’s Sponsoring and Events. Crans-Montana and Valais will be ensuring that several good wines and delicious culinary specialities from the region will be available to try and enjoy. In Åre, the « House of Switzerland 2019 » (photo: advertising already on site) will play a particularly important host role in view of the Valais candidature for the « Crans-Montana/Valais 2025 » Alpine Ski World Championships.

 Stade d'en haut
 Affiche Swiss-Ski
24 Jun

Crans-Montana defends itself against St-Moritz

24.06.2017 - Crans-Montana is not going to let the organisation of the Ski  World Championships go. At the Swiss-Ski assembly of delegates in Losone on Saturday, the Valaisans confirmed their desire to stand as candidates for the 2025 and 2027 events, and then 2029, in the event that they are not successful.

If Crans-Montana had to reiterate its ambitions at Losone, it is because St-Moritz has appeared on the horizon wanting to take its place, in a request that was accepted by Swiss-Ski representatives on Saturday. The Grisons resort, which has just organised the Worlds in February, says it is ready to replace Crans-Montana, arguing that the Haut-Plateau was likely to be hosting two major events in a short period of time if the 2026 Olympic Games were also awarded to Sion. 

 For the organisers in Valais on the other hand, obtaining the Games would not harm their candidacy for the Alpine Ski Worlds. "On the contrary, it would enable us to create synergies between the two projects", says Marius Robyr, president of the Crans-MontanaSki World Cup organisation committee, at the end of the assembly of delegates. "Whatever the fate of the Sion project for the Games, we are going to organise the World Championships. I was very firm about this", he added.

Also present in Losone was Nicolas Féraud, president of the commune of Crans-Montana and representative of the ACCM, and he reminded Swiss-Ski delegates that in their 2014 assembly, they had designated the Valais resort representatives of Switzerland at the future Worlds in Switzerland. And that since that time, Crans-Montana had thrown itself fully into this challenge, with the support of the canton of Valais, the Haut-Plateau communes, the skilifts CMA and the touristic entities. 

Crans-Montana, which has not hosted the Worlds since 1987, has to forward its candidature bid to the International Ski Federation (FIS) by 1st May 2019, whereas the host for the 2025 event would be announced during summer 2020. As for the town selected for the 2026 Winter Olympics, this would be revealed one year earlier, at the IOC session planned for the summer (or autumn) of 2019.  

26 Feb

Crans-Montana/Valais: heading towards the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships with Swiss-Ski

26.02.2017 - After announcing Crans-Montana/Valais would be a candidate for the FIS 2025 Alpine Skiing World Championships at the 1987 World Championship 30 year jubilee evening, the public announcement  took place on Sunday afternoon, at the arrival stadium of the World Cup races in Crans-Montana. The show was full of atmosphere, with paragliders and lots of children from local ski clubs, and in the middle of them all, Urs Lehmann, Swiss-Ski President, and Marius Robyr, president of the Organising Committee for the World Cup races in Crans-Montana. With kind words, the two heads of sport together declared the launch of the « 2025 World Ski Championships Challenge » and their intent to succed, before a cloud of balloons dotted the blue skies with their many different colours. The letter of intent has to be delivered to the FIS before 1st May 2019. The FIS Council will reveal the name of the selected resort at an FIS conference in 2020.

DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana/Agence Zoom

25 Feb

Crans-Montana/Valais hopes to host the FIS Ski World Championships 2025

25.02.2017 - Eight years after the St-Moritz World Championships, Switzerland could once again host the FSI Ski World Championships. Crans-Montana/Valais is the Swiss candidate for the 2025 Worlds, with the firm support of Swiss-Ski.

38 years after the most prolific World Championships in the history of Swiss skiing, Crans-Montana hopes it will be able to welcome the best skiers in the world on the Nationale and Mont Lachaux pistes. Swiss-Ski president Urs Lehmann and Marius Robyr president of the O.C. for World Cup Races have officially launched Crans-Montana/Valais as candidate.

The letter of intent has to be delivered to the FIS before 1st May 2019. Crans-Montana/Valais is supported by the canton, the local councils and Swiss-Ski. Urs Lehmann is also part of the candidature committee which aims to involve the Federation in the project.

Once Crans-Montana’s candidature is officially registered with the FIS, Crans-Montana/Valais will be able to prepare its dossier. The name of the town that will host the 2025 Worlds will be revealed in 2020 at an FIS congress.

Crans-Montana/Valais is expecting competition from France (Courchevel-Méribel) or Austria (Saalbach-Hinterglemm). In the event that the Worlds event is awarded to the resort, the arrival stadium will be completely redesigned with a project that includes a permanent arena where other events can also be held.

DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana

MR & Cie
Ready for the Crans-Montana/Valais candidacy bid for the FIS 2025 World Championships, from left: Martial Kamerzin, Association des Communes de Crans-Montana President/Urs Lehmann, Swiss-Ski President/Marius Robyr, Crans-Montana World Cup races Organising Committee President and Nicolas Féraud,  Crans-Montana Commune President.


13 Dec

Support from Urs Lehmann and Swiss-Ski for Crans-Montana/Valais ‘s candidature for the World Championships

You talked about how rare it is to have the Worlds at home. The next ones should be taking place in Crans-Montana, as decided by Swiss-Ski three years ago. Why this changeover ?

"Crans-Montana has built up a good reputation with the World Cup over the past years. It’s now time to profile Crans-Montana as a candidate for the Worlds (ed: 2025), and to establish a relationship between the resort and the World Cup on a long-term basis. As a national federation, we also have a mission to ensure there’s a geographical balance. Eastern Switzerland has been well served for several years, so it’s now time to do the same for Western Switzerland. "

Urs interview


2 Jul

Planning for the Crans-Montana/Valais ski World Championships bid is still being prepared behind the scenes

Since its election by the Assembly of Delegates from Swiss-Ski 2014, Crans-Montana, as a soon-to-be Swiss candidate for the organisation of the FIS  World Ski Championships, after St. Moritz 2017, project-related activities appear to be calm. Just an illusion. To be polite. Until the end of the 2017 FIS World Championships (6–9 February), the focus is to leave the « scene » to the Graubünden destination, St. Moritz.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes, Crans-Montana is active.  Not yet in terms of lobbying at international ski bodies and racing organisations for its application, but rather in terms of initial planning phases.  Various meetings have been held under the auspices of Marius Robyr, head of project, such as:

> with the presidents of the communes for initial drafts of the organisational chart of the application committee to be organised and for the budget;

> with the canton of Valais, partner of Swiss-Ski and the International Ski Federation, FIS;

> with the organisers of the St. Moritz world ski Championships for which Crans-Montana has offered its amicable support;

> with different departments concerning infrastructure required by the World Championships.

A small delegation from Crans-Montana/Valais has been to Vail Beever Creek (USA) during 2015 World Championships.  The report that was written after this visit shows that World Championships can have great success without having to carry out excessive construction and infrastructure, an advantage for the region and for Valais.

The bid for Crans-Montana/Valais already has an additional ‘plus’: thanks to the financial support from the communes, the Société des remontées mécaniques and the Fondation du Casino, the two slopes  « Nationale » and  « Mont Lachaux » in the past few years have undergone remarkable renovation; they are now adapted to requirements of modern ski competitions. Both of these slopes benefit from a common arrival area, an advantage for the production of images for television, which, because of this, will only require one building.  The new infrastructure of the Y Coor skate rink in Montana, which is being entirely re-built, will provide, such as during the ’87 World Championships, an ideal location for protocol-related ceremonies and drawing of bibs; it will also serve as a base for the « World Championships Village » where all ski fans will meet.

As of the 2015/2016 season, Crans-Montana will be the host of annual Ski World Cup races – the new « Classic » for Ladies.  Because of this, many facets of the organisation will be able to be tested and innovative developments will be launched in view of the targeted World Championships.

Overview of the agenda for the Crans-Montana/Valais bid

2016 to 2018
Planning of necessary infrastructure (particularly for the arrival stadium), finalisation of bid and required presence at various renowned international ski competitions.

As of March 2017 to May 2020
« Lobbying » at international ski bodies and competition organisers.

1st May 2019
Submission of the bid together with Swiss-Ski at the FIS (which examines and carries out various inspections in Crans-Montana).

June 2020
Presentation of the bid for the 2025 FIS World Ski Championships during the FIS « Council » which takes place within the framework of the FIS Convention that is held every two years. It is this same « Council » that will elect the World Championships 2025. No other eventual applicant for World Championships 2025 is known for the time being. According to FIS regulations concerning the planning of World Championships, a new Swiss bid (in the case of Crans-Montana) is only possible eight years after a competition in the same country.

The « Crans-Montana/Valais FIS World Ski Championships » challenge is launched.
Despite the united focus of all regional and cantonal authorities, the Société des remontées mécaniques CMA, tourism authorities, hotels and businesses, and the local population, we could very well witness a repeat of the 1987 World Championships on the ‘Haut-Plateau’ whose success has been engraved in our memories forever. The return of World Championships in Valais, with an emphasis on authenticity and simplicity, should generate a true feeling of "US TOGETHER" and the enthusiasm of youth for winter snow sports. All of this in an exceptional mountain environment that deserves respect and protection.


29 Jun

Swiss-Ski elected Crans-Montana as Swiss candidate for the organisation of FIS World Championships after St. Moritz!

The Delegates from Swiss-Ski, during the annual meeting that took place on June 28th 2014 in Langnau, almost unanimously accepted (approximately 1,100 yes votes and 11 abstentions) the application from Crans-Montana for the organisation for  FIS World Ski Championships. In concrete terms, this means that: in 2017 the FIS World Ski Championships will be held in St. Moritz and that as of this date, the Valaisan resort will be the new official Swiss candidate.

According to FIS World Championships regulations, the first possible date for the submission of a bid from Crans-Montana/Valais for the International Ski Federation is in 2019 (deadline for application: 1st May 2019) – two years after the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2017.

Crans-Montana/Valais, in close collaboration with Swiss-Ski, will submit its bid for the first time during the FIS Convention in 2020 for the organisation of World Championships in 2025 (according to the FIS regulations a new Swiss bid is possible eight years after the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2017).  At this time, if Crans-Montana/Valais is not elected by the Council of the FIS, we can once again apply at the FIS Convention in 2022 for the World Championships in 2027, etc….

For the Canton of Valais and for our resort it is quite simply outstanding.

Give this situation; we have mid- and long-term objectives. All that we undertake as of today will be in view of the future World Championships.

So, let’s MOVE AHEAD to the Men’s and Ladies Swiss Junior speed Championships (22-24 January) and the Men’s European Cup competition (28-30 January) in 2015, the competition of the Ladies World Cup in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 in addition to the World Championships in 2025, or in 2027, or in 2029?

Only positive things to look forward to!

Marius Robyr


Here after ,the candidature flyer presented to the Delegates of Swiss-Ski



29 Jun

Good timing for the Crans-Montana/Valais bid for the FIS World Ski Championships

Perhaps you have already been surprised to see that on June 28th 2014, the AD from Swiss-Ski voiced his support for Crans-Montana/Valais for its bid for the organisation of the FIS World Ski Championships (WC). Nevertheless, two and one-half years remain before the World Ski Championships in St. Moritz take place, which is a first step. It is therefore too early to be in the starting blocks: several years will go by until Valais will eventually see its attribution of WC.  Despite this, the timing is carefully calculated.

No one was against it. The Assembly of delegates had a united front to support the World Championship project for Crans-Montana/Valais, despite the fact that only one bid can be made at least two years after the last World Championships organised in the country.  It is therefore a long-term project, which cannot be submitted to the International Ski Federation FIS before 2019. However, this early decision of the Swiss-Ski delegates in favour of Crans-Montana/Valais represents a safeguard for planning.

In Valais, we know now that ambitions go beyond the organisation of a European Cup of a World Cup. The necessary investments such as the implementation of lighting for the slalom run (final part of the Mont Lachaux slope) or the extension of infrastructure of the finish area can be allocated in a totally different context. Crans-Montana currently has enough time to create a competent application committee and to bring together necessary funds for the creation of a thorough and promising application.

Although the new Swiss bid will be submitted at the FIS two years after the St. Moritz World Championships, the decision concerning Crans-Montana/Valais will take place, at the earliest, one year later, in 2020.  Even if the Valaisans are selected for their first try, a hypothesis one should preferably not count on; it concerns the 2025 World Championships. At the second try, it would concern the 2027 World Championships. Many years will therefore go by before the Haut-Plateau hosts World Championships, if this takes place.  Effectively, there is no guarantee that the International Ski Federation will choose Crans-Montana.

In Valais, people nevertheless are sure of one thing: if the organisation of FIS World Ski Championships is attributed to Switzerland again, be it in eight, ten, or twelve years after those in St. Moritz, they will take place in Crans-Montana. To know this is one thing. Having this certainty in mind, one can plan, invest and continue to show talent in organising ski events. Let’s hope that now we will see the project that has attracted the surprisingly early support of the Assembly of Delegates come to life: the World Championships in Crans-Montana/Valais, for the second time after the unforgettable 1987 World Championships during which Swiss athletes won 14 medals!