15 Jan

Night Exhibition Slalom: an extraordinary atmosphere

Clément Noël took first place in the Night Exhibition Slalom in Crans-Montana for the second year running. The Frenchman managed to beat Ramon Zenhäusern and Marc Rochat on their home territory in an extraordinary atmosphere. Some 4,000 spectators gathered at the bottom of the Mont Lachaux piste to celebrate their champions.

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15 Jan

Clément Noël, a slalom giant under the stars in Crans-Montana

Like last year, Clément Noël was the victor in the second edition of the night exhibition slalom in Crans-Montana. The Frenchman finished in first place, followed by Ramon Zenhäusern and Marc Rochat.

Although the Swiss literally set the Mont Lachaux piste on fire on Wednesday, they had to relinquish the top place to a Frenchman. In fact for the second consecutive year, it was Clément Noël who took gold and the tidy sum of 20,000 francs of prize money in this exhibition slalom. Already in the lead after dominating the first heat, the 22 year old skier from the Vosges beat Ramon Zenhäusern by 0’’69 and Marc Rochat by 1’23’’. «This would be a really beautiful piste for the World Cup », said the French prodigy.

In front of a large crowd– some 4,000 spectators were present on the evening– the Swiss saw their best skiers do battle on a slalom piste that matched the most stunning stages in the winter season. Ramon Zenhäusern, who was supported by his friends and family, managed an impressive second round. «It really is extraordinary to be able to race in these conditions, exclaimed the local from Upper Valais. Plus I’m really happy with my result.»  

As for Marc Rochat, with his two solid races, he proved that he is now one of the best specialists in the world. The Vaud native from Crans-Montana chose his home resort on the Haut-Plateau, for his first podium place at this level. Note that Daniel Yule and Tanguy Nef, who were battling for podium places, lost out in the second race.  

A piste destined for a Men’s World Cup Night Slalom

Overall, this second Night Exhibition Slalom in Crans-Montana has been a very positive one. The new form of organisation, with the World Cup races Organising Committee working in close collaboration with the CMA ski lift company and Swiss-Ski, enabled a number of improvements to be brought to the event. Marius Robyr, president of the Organising Committee,  was very enthusiastic about the large number of fans present, around 4,000 people, and guests from the world of politics, economy and sport who came to applaud the ski aces. He praised the excellent preparation of the spectacular slalom piste, the attractive field, which consisted of a joyful mix of world class slalom skiers and young talents, and also the live broadcast on RSTSport and SRF2.

Most of the renowned athletes present were unanimous in saying that the Crans-Montana slalom piste deserved to be awarded a Men’s World Cup Night Slalom, remarks which will be considered in the Organising Committee’s future strategy. This slalom piste is one of the great positives in the Crans-Montana/Valais bid to organise the World Championships.

FEPREZphoto, cransmontana

Clément Noël/FRA winner for the second time.
Ramon Zenhäusern/SUI, second.
Marc Rochat/SUI, third.
Beautiful podium this second edition of the Slalom Nocturne Exhibition 2020. 
Numerous public.



15 Jan

Starting lists and results

 Starting lists

1st run


2nd run






12 Jan

A regal stage for the Crans-Montana Exhibition Night Slalom

Following on from Daniel Yule, Clément Noël, André Myhrer, Ramon Zenhäusern and Sebastian Foss Solevaag, five of the seven top slalom skiers in the world today will be competing to win on the Haut-Plateau this Wednesday evening, 15 January (17.15/19.15).

The line-up is something to smile about,  and with good reason! The two winners from the previous World Cup slaloms (Zagreb, Madonna di Campiglio and Adelboden) will be in Crans-Montana to take part in the second edition of the men’s night race on Wednesday 15 January. France’s Clément Noël (winner in Zagreb) and Daniel Yule (1st in Madonna and Adelboden) have accepted the invitation from the organisers, led by Marius Robyr.

Clément Noël, currently the third best slalom racer in the world, will be looking to defend his title under the spotlights in the Valais resort, which is a candidate for the organisation of the 2025 World Championships. Daniel Yule, who is in full swing after his success in Madonna di Campiglio for the second year in a row and his great win in Adelboden, and currently second in the World Cup rankings in the discipline, is looking to make his mark. But the two men are not the only ones hoping to shine on the Haut-Plateau, as 5 of the 7 top specialists in the world will be lining up for the race.

How could we fail to mention Ramon Zenhäusern, who has been on superlative form for the   past few months. The Olympic vice-champion, who hails from Upper Valais, would also like to add his name to the prizewinners in this exhibition race, which will be broadcast on the RTSsport and SRF2 channels. Scandinavia will also be particularly well represented, with the Swedes André Myhrer, the Olympic champion, Kristoffer Jakobsen and Carl Jonsson as well as Norwegians Sebastian Foss Solevaag, Leif Kristian Nestvold-Haugen, Jonathan Nordbotten, Timon Haugan, and not forgetting the prodigy Lucas Braathen (19). Already in the line-up in Valais a year ago, Dave Ryding will be returning to Crans-Montana, as well the two French skiers, Français Julien Lizeroux and Théo Letitre.

As for the Swiss, Tanguy Nef is no doubt going to prove that he is now one of the top specialists in the world.  The skier from Geneva will be accompanied by Marc Rochat, Reto Schmidiger and Noël von Grünigen, son of the legendary Michael. Ten young talents of our country have the possibility to fight against the Cracks, what a challenge! – Admission is free, and food and drink is available on the evening from 16:30.

For more information (incl. List of participants): /en/night-slalom/sidebar/news/

Great triumph of Daniel Yule in Adelboden, ahead of Henrik Kristoffersen/NOR and Marco Schwarz/AUT.
31 Dec


19 Dec

Michelle Gisin commits to Protect Our Winters Suisse (POW)

Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW) acts as a mouthpiece for the outdoor community to support climate protection. The organisation was founded in 2007 in the United States by the snowboarder Jeremy Jones, and has been active in Switzerland since 2017. POW and their ambassador Michelle Gisin want to encourage as many spectators as possible to use public transport when coming to the World Cup races in Crans-montanao n 22 and 23 February 2020.

Climate change is a threat to the Alpine environment which is so dear to us.  It is everyone’s responsibility to adapt their behaviour to better safeguard our environment. By, for example, avoiding taking the car or plane when it is not necessary. With this in mind, POW and Michelle Gisin are committed to finding solutions to safeguard the planet by offering solutions to reduce our ecological footprint.

The Olympic champion backs a more sustainable model, and is particularly encouraging spectators to take the train and bus when travelling to the World Cup races in Crans-Montana on 22 and 23 February 2020.

Video: Johan Tachet/SkiActu (available in French only)


Michelle Gisin, when did you decide to become an ambassador for Protect Our Winters (POW)?

When they launched POW in Switzerland. I’m very pleased to be part of this  organisation. Through our sport, we notice that climate change has a huge influence on our favourite place, which is also our place of work. We want to raise awareness that this change is happening quickly, and we want to show that everyone can improve, even just by doing little things.

What actions can you, as professional skiers,  undertake ?

It’s a very difficult  discussion as a skier, because we lead a life that isn’t really CO2 neutral. We have to be honest. We can’t be climate change heroes, but we can still do things, and we have to show this to the FIS (International Ski Federation). For example, we should have a calendar that is more economical and ecological, this is the most important point. It’s not possible to go from point A to B, via C, to return to  A. Changing the race programme would already be a great improvement, and that wouldn’t hurt anyone.  

Do you think that the FIS is listening?

I hope so. I’ve talked a lot with  Daniel Yule, who is the athletes’ representative  at the FIS. They listen to some parts, but not others. But it’s important that we, the athletes, stand together. When you’re a skier, you see the extent of climate change. It’s mad, the glaciers are disappearing, sometimes there’s no snow in January.  

Have you noticed a lot of changes since you started skiing when you were young ?  

Yes, mainly the glaciers. At Engelberg,  when I was young we’d go and see ski the glaciers, even in the autumn. Now, you see them in August and it makes you cry, as there’s hardly anything left. In Zermatt, at Saas-Fee, we’ve seen changes in the last ten years, and we’ve lost so much. We’ve got to wake up.

The athletes are committed, as are the resorts where the competititions  take place, like the organisers of the World Cup in Crans-Montana. Everybody has to  pull together.

Absolutely, it’s important that everyone realises that we have to change things. This isn’t going to happen overnight. But I find it really great that Crans-Montana has the drive and motivation to help, find solutions. A real evolution is underway. A first step is to make public transport an attractive way to come and see a race, minimising the carbon footprint of those who are travelling. Crans-Montana does this, and has understood this. This is a huge step.

How do you see skiing in 50 years time ?  

It won’t be the same skiing as now, that’s for sure. The glaciers will have pretty much disappeared, and we won’t be able to ski in summer anymore. There will be a lot of changes and not just in skiing, the problems will be widespread. Everybody, in their own lifetime,  has to find solutions.

So what can everyone do ?

Take a real cup and not a paper one when they have a coffee. There are little things that don’t hurt anyone, such as turning off the lights, not creating useless waste. These are little changes that can create big changes in a wider environment, as long as people are aware.

The Organising Committee for the Alpine ski races in Crans-Montana and also the Bid Committee for the Crans-Montana/Valais 2025 FIS World Championships are delighted to be able to have the support of Michelle Gisin for a variety of public relation exercises.



16 Dec

Men’s Night Exhibition Slalom live on RTS SPORT and SRF SPORT

The Men’s Night Exhibition Slalom  on Wednesday 15 January in Crans-Montana, with some of the best slalom skiers in the world present, has taken on a brand new dimension. The Radio Télévision Suisse RTS, the official competent broadcaster of the World Cup races on the Valais Haut-Plateau, will also be producing a TV signal for the Men’s Night Slalom. The two races (17.15/19.15) will be broadcast live on RTS Sport and SRF Sport. Other TV stations are also interested, but have not yet been confirmed. Thanks to the Organising Committee’s initiative, Crans-Montana’s slalom piste, which is fully visible from the finish stadium, will be illuminated with high quality temporary lighting, to meet the demands of television. Therefore this rendez-vous, featuring specialists in the discipline, scheduled between the Adelboden and Wengen World Cup races, will be transformed into a spectacular and exciting event. The winner will take away the cool sum of 20,000 francs.


5 Dec

A multipack of races in Crans-Montana: without volunteers, nothing would be possible !

Whether we call them "Bénévoles", "Freiwillige Helfer", "Volunteers", "Voluntari", or even "History makers", as was the case in the 2020 Ice Hockey Worlds in Lausanne/Zurich, it doesn’t matter, we’re talking about the very same precious aides without whom none of the events, whether sporting or otherwise, would be possible. Naturally, this is also the case for the Alpine ski races in Crans-Montana.

The Organising Committee wanted to celebrate all of the motivated people who, year after year, offer so many hours of work, during the preparation phase as well as on race days. At the traditional pre-season raclette evening at La Bergerie du Cervin restaurant, the president of the Organising Committee, Marius Robyr, was full of his usual verve as he addressed the volunteers with some touching words. Of course he didn’t forget to offer some motivatation for the forthcoming multipack of races in 2020:  the Men’s Night Exhibition Slalom (Wednesday 15 January), the Women’s European Cup races (14-16 February) and the Women’s World Cup (23/24 February), as well as the training days before the races. This pleasant get together also featured music from Jean-Ber (Jean-Bernard Rey) on the accordian.  

The Crans-Montana "Bénéclub" is delighted to welcome new volunteers for the 2020 races. If you’re interested, please fill in the online form at www.skicm-cransmontana.ch
The Organising Committee thanks you in advance. 

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28 Nov

Alpine ski races 2020 in Crans-Montana. Perfect!

The 2019/20 season holds some major challenges for the organising committee of the Alpine Ski races in Crans-Montana. There are six races to organise ! A Men’s Night Exhibition Slalom on 15 January, three Women’s European Cup races (two Downhills and a Super G), from 14 until 16 February, and two Women’s World Cup races on 22 (Downhill) and 23 February (Alpine Combined with a Super G and Slalom).

During the traditional meeting before winter, the president of the organising commitee, Marius Robyr, was precise, concise and inspiring as he presented the many missions and tasks that await all of the team leaders. The charismatic brigadier’s motto for the 2019/20 for organisation of the six attractive races, and their additional programmes, is « Perfection in all areas».

At the moment, all efforts are concentrated on Wednesday 15 January, the day of the Men’s Night Exhibition Slalom, between the Adelboden and Wengen World Cup races. The best slalom skiers in the world will be competing for the 20,000 Swiss francs on offer to the winner.

The strong team spirit of the Organising Committee means that everything is being done to ensure that the races are a great success. Alongside precious support from the CMA ski lift company, the military (an average of 200 men per day, for the training days as well as the races), people from the Civil Defence, as well as our Swiss-Ski and FIS International Ski Federation partners.

Marius Robyr also presented a positive intermediary report regarding the Crans-Montana/Valais bid for organisation of the 2025 Alpine World Ski Championships. A convincing bid book was presented to the FIS, but with Saalbach-Hinterglemm/Austria and Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Germany as rivals, the competition is stiff. Whatever the verdict on 21 May 2020, at the end of the election of the host resort by the FIS Council, Crans-Montana will remain in the running for the formidable challenge that is the « Ski World Championships ».

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23 Nov

Now available: Official 2020 World Cup hats, tickets for the“Grandstands“ and for the World Cup Party with Oesch’s dieDritten

The new official Crans-Montana 2020 World Cup hat is here ! The colour changes each year, and this will be the case until the 2025 World Championships, if the FIS attribute them to us, which we very much hope will be the case. It looks great: in white, with a wide anthracite grey stripe and white wording, which stands out beautifully, and it is topped off with an orange pompom.  It looks really cool ! You can get yours at Crans-Montana Tourism and Congress. The price: CHF 20.00.

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas ? Why not leave one of these hats under the Christmas tree ? Or tickets for the World Cup Party on Saturday 22 February 2020 with the most famous Swiss folk music group, Oesch’s die Dritten, or/and “Grandstand“ tickets for the World Cup races on 22 and 23 February.  Tickets are also available from Crans-Montana Tourism and Congress, or online at www.skicm-cransmontana.ch