The return of spectators for the 2022 World and European Cup events in Crans-Montana

It's a must. At the end of every summer, the FIS International Ski Federation carries out its traditional technical inspections at the World and European Cup host sites. On Tuesday 7th September, it stopped off in Crans-Montana. Good news: in the current COVID-19 situation, the women's events that will take place this winter on the Mont Lachaux piste will finally see the return of spectators.

At the end of February, Crans-Montana will be living for speed, and has announced a truly XL programme: two women’s European Cup downhills, on the weekend of February 19 and 20 (training: 17/18.02) and one week later, on February 26 and 27, two downhills for the World Cup classic (training: 24/25.02). The latter promises to be exciting in the wake of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Will there be a whiff of revenge on the Haut Plateau?

The inspection took place under the guidance of Peter Gerdol, FIS Director of Women's Alpine Skiing, and Marius Robyr, President of the Crans-Montana Organising Committee. Representatives of RTS Télévision Suisse Romande, the host broadcaster of the Valais World Cup events, and Swiss-Ski were also present.

During the inspection, there was a particular focus on the topic of COVID-19, and the protection measures required by the FIS, especially for athletes and those accompanying them. Other important points were discussed, such as the position of cameras on the course, the organisation of the start and finish areas, accreditation and team accommodation. The whole event took place in excellent conditions and in a convivial atmosphere.

Photos: DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana

The inspection group, from left to right: Patrice Morisod (OC Piste Director), Julien Baszanger (RTS Producer), Sophie Genoud (OC Coordinator), Bertrand Cassignol (CMA), Jordi Pujol (FIS European Cup Coordinator), Thierry Overnay (RTS), Franz Hofer (Swiss-Ski), Marius Robyr (OC), Markus Murmann (OC Race Director) , Dominique Morard (OC Chief Constructions) , Peter Gerdol (FIS Women's Alpine Skiing Director), Jean-Philippe Vulliet (FIS Women's Speed Group Director), Andreas Krönner (FIS Women's Alpine Technical Manager) and Beat Tschuor (Swiss-Ski Women's Alpine Chief).