Green light for Crans-Montana

The FIS summer inspection took place on Friday 4 September on the Haut-Plateau. Despite the COVID-19 issue, preparations are well underway.

Another milestone has been reached in view of the Alpine Ski World Cup planned for 23 and 24 February next year in Crans-Montana. An FIS delegation, led by the Chief Race Director for the Women’s World Cup, Peter Gerdol, came to inspect the Mont Lachaux piste this Friday for a check four months before the races. It was also an opportunity to analyse the measures required to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, in the presence of members of the organisation committee led by Marius Robyr, FIS representatives, Swiss-Ski and Télévision Suisse Romande (RTS), the official broadcasters.

The good news is that it’s a green light for the Haut-Plateau resort. With experience, the FIS revealed that the Valais leg has become one of the most appreciated stops in the White Circus. A few details were discussed, including installing an inflatable arch before the final wall. But the much-anticipated point of the day concerned the new rules drawn up by the FIS concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

A reminder of the menu for the 2021 edition on the Haut-Plateau, the Women’s European Cup races are on 16 and 17 January (two downhills, preceded by two training sessions on 14 and 15.01) and the Women’s World Cup on Saturday 23 January (Downhill) and Sunday 24 (Alpined Combined with Super-G/Slalom) as well as two downhill training sessions on 21 and 22.01. Not forgetting later in 2020, the night slalom by invitation, programmed for Wednesday 29 December.

As for the organisation of the races, three variants are currently possible: the usual organisation of the races with no limitations on public attendance, organisation with a limited number of spectators, or organisation of the races with no spectators. The decision, in agreement with Swiss-Ski, will be taken in early October, depending on the evolution of the health situation. It is also possible at a later date that Crans-Montana could be awarded a third additional race (speed) on Friday 22 February,  and that the alpine combined could be replaced by a super G.

During the inspection, particular care was taken in regards to organisation of the departure and finish areas, as well as various improvements to the Mont Lachaux piste during summer, and security, accreditation, television, the media service and team accommodation. The European Cup was also on the agenda, with the FIS Women’s races coordinator, Jordi Pujol, present. Throughout the morning’s work, good relationships reigned between all participants, as they prepared for the 2021 edition of this Women’s Classic that is sure to be as attractive as ever.

Video (in French only): Laurent Morel et Johan Tachet/SkiActu


DEPREZphoto sa, cransmontana


The inspection group in the finish area led by Peter Gerdol (6th from left), race director for the FIS Women’s World Cup, and
Marius Robyr, president of the Crans-Montana Organisation Committee.


When the professionals speak... Peter Gerdol and Markus Murmann, Crans-Montana race director.


Presentation of the modifications underway on the "Traverse".


From right to left: Marius Robyr, Jean-Philippe Vulliet, head of "Speed" for the FIS Women’s World Cup and Jordi Pujol,
FIS coordinator for the Women’s European Cup.