Crans-Montana awaits the rematch, after Hitchcock-worthy suspense in the PyeongChang Super-G

Let’s look back at the PyeongChang South Korean Olympic Games, and in particular Saturday 17 February 2018:

Lara Gut hurtled down the piste in the number 5 bib, with the best finish time.  She didn’t look that happy. Then comes Tina Weirather from Liechtenstein, knocking her into second place by a miniscule hundredth of a second. Lara, in tears, seeks comfort in her Dad Pauli’s arms. Has she lost out on the Olympic title by a measly hundredth of a second ? No ! The intensity of the drama builds. Number 13, Sofia Goggia, is on her way with an amazing time, but finally her wild style costs her the lead. Now it’s the turn of the title-holder, the Austrian Anna Veith, bib number 15. She’s in the lead. A little later, Michelle Gisin, number 16, completes an amazing descent, but loses all her hopes of bronze in the last few metres. The fans are convinced ; gold for Veith, silver for Weirather and bronze for Gut. But it’s not over, the suspense is at its peak as number 26 is on the piste. Czech Ester Ledecka, double snowboard champion (!), is charging down, and knocks Anna Veith from her place by….a hundredth of a second. She’s Olympic champion and simply can’t believe it. One of the best stories in the history of Alpine skiing has just been written. So Anna Veith finds herself with silver, and Tina Weirather with bronze. And Lara Gut? She misses out on the bronze by a hundredth of a second, and Michelle Gisin (9th) on Olympic credentials by a place. It’s just not possible ! Amazing. Overwhelming, even. – As for the other Swiss skiers : 17th Corine Suter. 27th Jasmine Flury.

Rendez-vous on Saturday 3 March, 10.30am, to experience a promising Olympic revenge on the demanding Mont Lachaux piste in Crans-Montana. The Valais Haut-Plateau valaisan is delighted to be seeing the White Circus and its athletes again very soon.