The Mont Lachaux slope and its "Foxhole"

The Mont Lachaux slope, completely redone in 2013, is very demanding and spectacular, from a technical view. The Organising committee, having gained experience during training and competitions between 2014 and 2016 on this slope, has requested new alterations in different parts of it.

It is particularly the case for the « Foxhole » - one of the most key and impressive parts of the slope, located at the upper part of the track.  It has been considerably improved this autumn in view of making it easier to manage. The passageway with a jump and compression proved to be too sensitive. Changes in ground were made, the compression was softened and the bend enlargened in a slide-like fashion, which will hencefroth facilitate not only the slope’s borders, but also slope preparation in this area. Marius Robyr, President of the Organising Committee, is very satisfied with the work done, as was requested by the FIS competition directors. His comments on the "Foxhole": « it is a key passageway of the Mont Lachaux that is really impressive and technically very demanding. It requires total concentration, in particular when taking on the jump. If one remains passive even for a moment, it can be difficult to stay on the piste ». The fascinating TV images of the World Cup races (25 and 26 February 2017), to be broadcasted live, are sure to provide a great show. We can already be pleased about being able to admire how the best Lady skiers in the World will take on and master the « Foxhole ».