Outstanding help from the Swiss Army for Crans-Montana

Once again the Swiss Army provided invaluable help to the Organising Committee of the Ladies World Cup in Crans-Montana.

Under the command of captain Caspar Zimmerman, 150 soldiers from the Kp 20/1 gave a helping hand to several sectors of activity, on the Mont Lachaux slope, for putting in and taking down arrival infrastructure (e.g., stands) and tents for sponsors and invited people, the implementation of the village for fans (parking des Violettes) and of the place for ceremonies (Post in Montana). The two new functions: the Organising Committee called upon the services of the Army weather department for the first time and several soldiers worked to control entrances in several sectors at the finish area.

In sum: the Kp 20/1 provided everywhere where it was present an impeccable service, the soldiers were motivated and worked, in particular those who were on the slope, until exhaustion. Before their returned home, the Organising Committee offered them a joyful raclette evening event as a thank you.  Weeks of rehearsal, such as those experienced in Crans-Montana, constitute excellent training and contribute to form a fantastic team spirit, which is another positive aspect.


DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana