Swiss-Ski has chosen Crans-Montana/Valais as Swiss candidate for the organisation of the World Championships after St. Moritz!

The delegates from Swiss-Ski, during the annual Assembly on Saturday 28th June 2014 in Langnau, nearly unanimously accepted (approximately 1,100 yes voters and 11 non-voters) the proposal of Crans-Montana/Valais for the organisation of the FIS alpine Ski World Championships.  In concrete terms this means that:
in 2017 the World Championships will be held in St. Moritz and after that date, the Valais resort will be the new Swiss official candidate.  

According to the World Championships regulations of the FIS, the first possible date for submission of the proposal from Crans-Montana/Valais at the International Ski Federation will be in 2019 (deadline for proposal submission: 1 May 2019) – two years after the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2017.

In close collaboration with Swiss-Ski, Crans-Montana/Valais will present its proposal for the first time at the FIS Congress in 2020 for the organisation of the World Championships in 2025 (according to the regulations of the FIS for new Swiss proposal submissions, this is possible eight years after the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2017).  If, at that time, Crans-Montana/Valais is not selected by the FIS Council, we can resubmit at the FIS Congress in 2022 for the World Championships in 2027, etc….

For the canton of Valais and for our resort it is simply fantastic.

With this in mind, we have mid- and long-term objectives and all we shall accomplish/construct as of today, will be done with a focus on the future World Championships.

So, let's GO to the Swiss speed Junior Championships for Men and Women (22-24 January) and the European Mens Cup competition (28-30 January) in 2015, the Womens World Cup competitions in 2016, 2017 and 2018...and the World Championships in 2025, or in 2027, or in 2029?

Joyous events to look forward to!

Marius Robyr


Here after the flyer from the Candidature offered to the delegates from Swiss-Ski (not available in english).