Frédéric Favre : " Even without a race, the atmosphere was better than at the World Championships "

State Councillor Frédéric Favre was among over 12,000 spectators who were looking forward to the Women's World Cup downhill. "The atmosphere was once again incredible. It warms my heart to feel the enthusiasm here in Crans-Montana, even if it’s only a World Cup race. Last week I was in Meribel for the World Championships, but the atmosphere was nowhere near as amazing as it was here."

The Valais sports minister was very disappointed that the first of the two races planned on the Haut-Plateau could not take place in the end: "It's like a birthday party where you have all your friends there, but there's no cake. It is, and still is, a party, but something is missing".

Frédéric Favre hopes that the downhill on Sunday will take place at least, so that the skiers who prepare "so intensely for the races", and the organising committee, "who as always have done an extraordinary job", are rewarded for their commitment. "It’s simply wonderful to see how sport is part of life here," said the State Councillor, who is a great fan of sport.