Frédéric Favre: "The World Championships, energy for the future"

Frédéric Favre was delighted with the success of the 2022 World Cup races in Crans-Montana. The president of the Valais State Council had no hesitation in describing the weekend on the Haut-Plateau as "an additional asset for the bid", as the whole event went off without a hitch. "If anyone had forgotten what we are capable of, they’ll never forget again after this weekend's races. It was quite simply exceptional," enthused the fervent supporter of Crans-Montana's bid to host the World Championships in 2027.

Frédéric Favre promises "the FIS and the whole world" an extraordinary event in 2027. "We would organise a party of the same calibre every day of the two and a half weeks of the World Championships. The public here loves skiing, and Crans-Montana wants to experience all these wonderful emotions again. "

In aiming to host such a sporting event, the 42-year-old is also thinking of young people: "The World Championships would serve as a boost of energy for the future. The new infrastructure would be sustainable, and would benefit the young generation. The importance of milestones like these cannot be overestimated." However the other nations in the running shouldn’t be overlooked. "Three other candidates are in the running for 2027, so it won't be easy. But to have the World Championships back home 40 years after 1987 would be really great."