20.02.2017 - The Austrians dealt another heavy blow at the end of the European Cup leg in Crans-Montana : after taking second place in the Downhill on Sunday, Sabrina Maier won the one counting towards the Alpine Combined on Monday in 1:15.48. At the end of the two heats, the Combined victory went to Rosina Schneeberger, Nadine Fest took Bronze, and also takes the little crystal globe overall in the discipline. 

The Austrians were once again delighted, as they were on Sunday, in the bright Valais sunshine. Sabrina Maier (22 years old), who has already had experience in the World Cup, got her revenge in the Downhill by beating Italy’s Laura Pirovano, Sunday’s winner, by 0.18 second…the same time difference that she had lost by to the Italian! The Slalom leg saw Maier eliminated, and from 3rd place in the morning’s Downhill, Norway’s Kristin Lysdahl moved up to become European Cup leader. Rosina Schneeberger (23 years old) scored the best time. When it was expected of her, she delivered. Holding 16th place in the Downhill in this third and final Combined of the season, she managed an incredible come-back to eventually win 0.46 seconds in front of Italy’s Federica Sosio and 0.69 ahead of her team mate Nadine Fest, who at just 18 years old, takes the Combined crystal globe. The only cloud on the horizon for this glorious team was Bianca Venier’s serious fall. The young Austrian (20 years old) suffered a knee injury and had to be helilifted to hospital.

As was the case the day before, Switzerland didn’t manage any top places. Only Katja Grossmann managed to get into the Top 10, she managed 9th place. The next Alpine Skiing Ladies event in Crans-Montana takes place next weekend, with three World Cup events : two Alpine Combined (Super-G/Slalom), on Friday 24 and Sunday 26 February, and a Super-G which will take place on Saturday 25.

DEPREZphotoSA, Crans-Montana


European Cup results. Overall (31/35): 1. Kristin Lysdahl (NOR) 1058. 2. Kristina Riis-Johannessen (NOR) 1038. 3. Nadine Fest (AUT) 799. 4. Laura Pirovano (ITA) 696. Then: 13. Camille Rast (SUI) 446. – Downhill (6/7): 1. Pirovano (ITA) 345. 2. Maier (AUT) 340. 3. Christina Ager (AUT) 335. 4. Kristin Lysdahl (NOR) 294. 5. Grossmann (SUI) 234. 6. Kristina Riis-Johannessen (NOR) 218. – The top 45  qualify for the Downhill final in Sarntal, including Switzerland’s Gröbli (15.), Kolly (21.), Gerber (23.) and Dayer (42.). – Final Alpine Combined results (3/3): 1. Nadine Fest (AUT) . 2. Rosina Schneeberger (AUT) 180. 3. Kristina Riis-Johannessen (NOR) 164. then: 7. Rahel Kopp (SUI) 82. 15. Katja Grossmann (SUI) 43.


19.02.2017 - Crans-Montana offered dream conditions for the first FIS European Cup Downhill event, which was held on the demanding Mont Lachaux piste, and which was won by Italy’s Laura Pirovano in 1:15.80. The young Madonna di Campiglio (19 years old) outperformed Austria’s slightly more experienced Sabrina Maier, who has already taken part in the World Cup several times, by 18 hundredths of a second. Pirovano is therefore celebrating her second victory in the European Cup, after winning the Giant Slalom in Kvitfjell in December 2015. Her victory in the Downhill means she is in 2nd place overall in her discipline behind Christina Ager, whose performance was disappointing in this heat, finishing in 26th place, and only in 10th place in the Austrian armada (12 competitors), which saw 7 of its athletes placed in the top 10 !

As for the Swiss, it was a far cry from these excellent overall results. Katja Grossmann, the day’s best Swiss competitor, finished in 7th place, at 0.66 seconds. The Bernese student from Brienz,  currently studying at Engelberg Sport College, moves from 3rd to 5th place overall. She still has a chance to improve before the European Cup finals next week in Sarntal. Still in Crans-Montana, this Monday 20 February will see a second European Cup Downhill  (9am) which with the Slalom (11.30am) will count towards the third and final Alpine Combined of the season. The two other Combined events were won by Riss-Joahnnessen NOR, and Nadine Fest AUT.

Downhill results

European Cup rankings. Overall: 1. Kristin Lysdahl (NOR) 998. 2. Kristina Riis-Johannessen (NOR) 948. 3. Nadine Fest (AUT) 694. 4. Laura Pirovano (ITA) 594. Ferner: 11. Camille Rast (SUI) 446. – Descente: 1. Christina Ager (AUT) 335. 2. Pirovano (ITA) 265. 3. Maier (AUT) 240. 4. Lysdahl (NOR) 234. 5. Grossmann (SUI) 210.

DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana

1 2 3
1st Laura Pirovano ITA 2nd Sabrina Maier AUT 3rd Dajana Dengscherz AUT



18.02.2017 - At the end of the second Downhill training session for the European Cup  which is programmed for Sunday 19 and Monday 20 February, the athletes and the trainers of the 9 nations taking part had nothing but praise. The fantastic Mont Lachaux piste was in perfect condition. Ideal conditions meant fantastic times were possible. The experienced Norwegian Kristin Lysdahl had the best time, and will start as favourite for the Downhill tomorrow, Sunday 19 February (starting at 9.30am). She’ll find it difficult against the Austrian armada, which saw six of their athletes in the Top 10 today. The nine Swiss skiers at the departure gate tomorrow have quite a bit of room for manœuvre. Their leader, Katja Grossmann, third overall in her discipline in the European Cup, behind Christina Ager (AUT, 5th today) and Lysdahl,  came in at 1.61 seconds behind, and had to make do with 20th place. Monday will see the Alpine Combined being contested, with a Downhill at 9am and a Slalom at 11.30.

DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana

1re 2e 3w
 1st Kristin Lysdal NOR  2nd  Sabrina Maier AUT  3rd Dajana Dengscherz AUT


17.02.2017 - The first training session for the Ladies European Cup, ahead of the Downhill on Sunday (19.02.) and the Alpine Combined (Downhill/Slalom) on Monday, took place on Friday morning.  It included a series of missed gates and there were a few falls, including the Swiss skier Noemie Kolly, who suffered scratches to her face and a completely destroyed ski, meaning it wasn’t possible for concrete preparation. One thing is sure: the Mont Lachaux piste is still just as demanding, even if the departure point is « only » at the level of the Super-G  !

On this piste the challenge will be tough for the young women of the speed events. This has been confirmed by seasoned athletes such as Austrian Rosina Schneeberger or Norwegian Kristin Lysdal, who’ve already had experience on this piste, also at World level. The difficulties were increased by slightly diffuse visibility due to cloudy skies. The second training session is planned for Saturday 18 February at 9.30am.

DEPREZphoto SA, Crans-Montana

1 2 3
4 5 6
1st. Laura Pirovano ITA 2nd. Rosina Schneeberger AUT 3rd. Sabrina Maier AUT


The inital programme has been reversed.


The FIS European Cup has existed since the 1971/72 season and is considered as the antechamber to the World Cup, the professional elite of world alpine skiing.  Its role is to offer young European competitors (men and women) the opportunity to gain valuable experience at the international level. The first European races (women) in Crans-Montana were organized in 1978 and then both Women’s and Men’s were held here on a regular basis.

A new era began in 2008 and since then Crans-Montana organised 12 European Cup races, 9 Men’s and 3 Women’s, as well as the Finals in 2009 and the FIS Junior World Championships in 2011. These latter two events were magnificent international successes. The Organising Committee of the Crans-Montana World Cup races is an important link and  appreciated contributor to the promotion of competitive alpine skiing.