Crans-Montana/Valais 2025 looks forward to it's meeting point in Åre !

The Swiss-Ski « House of Switzerland » is for the first time a modular house which has been made in Switzerland, in the Emmental region, and transported on three large lorries to Åre, the site of the upcoming Alpine Ski World Championships (4-17.02).

This wonderful chalet is made up of three parts : a restaurant which holds 80 people, a bar with a stage that can welcome up to 300 people, and a kitchen with a storage area. The Crans-Montana/Valais bid to organise the 2025 World Championships is proud to be this extremely popular meeting place’s main partner. The Valais culinary specialities and wines on offer are sure to delight guests’ palates.

When it’s time to celebrate Swiss medals, which we are fervently hoping will be the case, the « House of Switzerland » will offer an ideal setting. At the moment, construction work (see photos) by the dynamic Swiss company woopdesign is gradually coming to an end. It’s now time for the finishing touches  before the big moment.