Planning for the Crans-Montana/Valais ski World Championships bid is still being prepared behind the scenes

Since its election by the Assembly of Delegates from Swiss-Ski 2014, Crans-Montana, as a soon-to-be Swiss candidate for the organisation of the FIS  World Ski Championships, after St. Moritz 2017, project-related activities appear to be calm. Just an illusion. To be polite. Until the end of the 2017 FIS World Championships (6–9 February), the focus is to leave the « scene » to the Graubünden destination, St. Moritz.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes, Crans-Montana is active.  Not yet in terms of lobbying at international ski bodies and racing organisations for its application, but rather in terms of initial planning phases.  Various meetings have been held under the auspices of Marius Robyr, head of project, such as:

> with the presidents of the communes for initial drafts of the organisational chart of the application committee to be organised and for the budget;

> with the canton of Valais, partner of Swiss-Ski and the International Ski Federation, FIS;

> with the organisers of the St. Moritz world ski Championships for which Crans-Montana has offered its amicable support;

> with different departments concerning infrastructure required by the World Championships.

A small delegation from Crans-Montana/Valais has been to Vail Beever Creek (USA) during 2015 World Championships.  The report that was written after this visit shows that World Championships can have great success without having to carry out excessive construction and infrastructure, an advantage for the region and for Valais.

The bid for Crans-Montana/Valais already has an additional ‘plus’: thanks to the financial support from the communes, the Société des remontées mécaniques and the Fondation du Casino, the two slopes  « Nationale » and  « Mont Lachaux » in the past few years have undergone remarkable renovation; they are now adapted to requirements of modern ski competitions. Both of these slopes benefit from a common arrival area, an advantage for the production of images for television, which, because of this, will only require one building.  The new infrastructure of the Y Coor skate rink in Montana, which is being entirely re-built, will provide, such as during the ’87 World Championships, an ideal location for protocol-related ceremonies and drawing of bibs; it will also serve as a base for the « World Championships Village » where all ski fans will meet.

As of the 2015/2016 season, Crans-Montana will be the host of annual Ski World Cup races – the new « Classic » for Ladies.  Because of this, many facets of the organisation will be able to be tested and innovative developments will be launched in view of the targeted World Championships.

Overview of the agenda for the Crans-Montana/Valais bid

2016 to 2018
Planning of necessary infrastructure (particularly for the arrival stadium), finalisation of bid and required presence at various renowned international ski competitions.

As of March 2017 to May 2020
« Lobbying » at international ski bodies and competition organisers.

1st May 2019
Submission of the bid together with Swiss-Ski at the FIS (which examines and carries out various inspections in Crans-Montana).

June 2020
Presentation of the bid for the 2025 FIS World Ski Championships during the FIS « Council » which takes place within the framework of the FIS Convention that is held every two years. It is this same « Council » that will elect the World Championships 2025. No other eventual applicant for World Championships 2025 is known for the time being. According to FIS regulations concerning the planning of World Championships, a new Swiss bid (in the case of Crans-Montana) is only possible eight years after a competition in the same country.

The « Crans-Montana/Valais FIS World Ski Championships » challenge is launched.
Despite the united focus of all regional and cantonal authorities, the Société des remontées mécaniques CMA, tourism authorities, hotels and businesses, and the local population, we could very well witness a repeat of the 1987 World Championships on the ‘Haut-Plateau’ whose success has been engraved in our memories forever. The return of World Championships in Valais, with an emphasis on authenticity and simplicity, should generate a true feeling of "US TOGETHER" and the enthusiasm of youth for winter snow sports. All of this in an exceptional mountain environment that deserves respect and protection.