Good timing for the Crans-Montana/Valais bid for the FIS World Ski Championships

Perhaps you have already been surprised to see that on June 28th 2014, the AD from Swiss-Ski voiced his support for Crans-Montana/Valais for its bid for the organisation of the FIS World Ski Championships (WC). Nevertheless, two and one-half years remain before the World Ski Championships in St. Moritz take place, which is a first step. It is therefore too early to be in the starting blocks: several years will go by until Valais will eventually see its attribution of WC.  Despite this, the timing is carefully calculated.

No one was against it. The Assembly of delegates had a united front to support the World Championship project for Crans-Montana/Valais, despite the fact that only one bid can be made at least two years after the last World Championships organised in the country.  It is therefore a long-term project, which cannot be submitted to the International Ski Federation FIS before 2019. However, this early decision of the Swiss-Ski delegates in favour of Crans-Montana/Valais represents a safeguard for planning.

In Valais, we know now that ambitions go beyond the organisation of a European Cup of a World Cup. The necessary investments such as the implementation of lighting for the slalom run (final part of the Mont Lachaux slope) or the extension of infrastructure of the finish area can be allocated in a totally different context. Crans-Montana currently has enough time to create a competent application committee and to bring together necessary funds for the creation of a thorough and promising application.

Although the new Swiss bid will be submitted at the FIS two years after the St. Moritz World Championships, the decision concerning Crans-Montana/Valais will take place, at the earliest, one year later, in 2020.  Even if the Valaisans are selected for their first try, a hypothesis one should preferably not count on; it concerns the 2025 World Championships. At the second try, it would concern the 2027 World Championships. Many years will therefore go by before the Haut-Plateau hosts World Championships, if this takes place.  Effectively, there is no guarantee that the International Ski Federation will choose Crans-Montana.

In Valais, people nevertheless are sure of one thing: if the organisation of FIS World Ski Championships is attributed to Switzerland again, be it in eight, ten, or twelve years after those in St. Moritz, they will take place in Crans-Montana. To know this is one thing. Having this certainty in mind, one can plan, invest and continue to show talent in organising ski events. Let’s hope that now we will see the project that has attracted the surprisingly early support of the Assembly of Delegates come to life: the World Championships in Crans-Montana/Valais, for the second time after the unforgettable 1987 World Championships during which Swiss athletes won 14 medals!